Wednesday , June 16 2021

ARD radio playing days 2018: ARD & # 39; s German radio play price for "bride's shoes" | Radio play and feature | SWR2

In 2018, ARD's enthusiastic German radio play award will receive the radio dramas of Magda Woitzuck's "Bridal Shoes", produced by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF. The story of Said, a Syrian IS soldier who was purified and on the way to Europe, convinced the jury.

The SWR2 will start on Sunday, November 11 at 18: 20.

The ARD Online Award, which is set by the audience with online voting, goes to Felix Kubin for the radio play "The Machine Stops" produced by Norddeutscher Rundfunk.

Actor Aljoscha Stadelmann received the ARD & # 39; s German radio play award for his performance in radio dramas by Radio Bremen 's "Alles Rumi". The prize will have 3,000 euros and will be rewarded this year by her colleague colleague Bibiana Beglau.

Stadelmann, "Alles Rumi" also speaks of a man who can not sleep – is spoken by Sebastian Blomberg – actually he is just tired and talking to a man who wants to relax.

Gudrun Hartmann's Radyo A Bunch of Stars Ödül will be awarded the ARD's German Children's Radio Award, Karlsruhe City Children's Radio Award, Bernd Gieseking's mann Off to Paris! Mann

The jury chose "Nur Berlin too much # 3" by Nick-Julian Lehmann for the radio game award for the ARD PiNball on the free radio drama scene.

A total of 18,500 euros will be awarded to the competitions.

12.11 Children's radio game on Sunday. In addition to a different children's program, live radio drama "Konrad or: Das Kind aus dem Konservenbüchse" is aired on stage by Christine Nöstlinger.

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