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An evening under the sign of the winners

An evening under the sign of the winners

LINZ. Tapping: coach Josef Schopf was very pleased with the "Golden Lion" and the winner Lukas Weißhaidinger. LASK has already won the ninth time. It was the premiere of Sofia Polcanova.

An evening under the sign of the winners

44. The winner of the OÖN athlete's election: LASK captain Gernot Trauner took the lead, the table tennis player Sofia Polcanova was the first athlete of the year. Picture: VOLKER WEIHBOLD

It was a festive, atmospheric and sporty indifferent breeze on Tuesday evening when the Upper Austrian Athlete Linz was honored at the Palais Kaufmännischer Verein. For the 44th time, OÖNachrichten elections were already organized together with the Sportland Oberösterreich. A long tradition of writing and writing history.

This time, among other things, Josef Schopf. There were many reasons to celebrate Innviertler for a memorable evening. First, the 65-year-old was celebrated with the protesting discus thrower Lukas Weißhaidinger, who was awarded the Sportsman of the Year award. Later, the discovery and long-term instructor of the EM bronze was honored for his work with the Golden Lion, the honorary award of OÖN. In addition, successful athletes (hardly) are the representatives of many important supporters who have never been so important. The good news didn't stop for Schopf. Weißhaidinger will not be training in Vienna within a few days as usual, but with Taufkirchen an der Pram. Back home with "Luki" is like an early Christmas gift for Schopf. "The prize is a great honor for me," said skier Vincent Kriechmayr – award-winning sister Jacoba – and won the bicycle in front of the professional Lukas Pöstlberger Weißhaidinger.

The athlete was at the beginning of the list a second time, a first for Sofia Polcanova. Ed I didn't wait for the front to go out, ed she said joyfully, who is number one in table tennis. Linz AG Froschberg had a special Superliga game. The seven-person fighter, Verena Preiner and Hildegard Platzer – set for the overseas races, Birgit Platzer's mother turned out to the 24-year-old podium.

The winner for the teams was LASK at the ninth time as in the previous year. "This award shows that the club is on the right track," said Gernot Trauner. The day before the twins' birthday, the captain had the opportunity to thank his wife, Judith. The young father, who felt comfortable in the sporting family in Upper Austria, said, baba He doesn't always sleep well, baba he said. The meetings included many myths that brought one or two tastes into the light.

Former canoeist Wolfgang Hartl had to do push-ups. Reason: Between the start of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles and Judoka Josef Reiter, there is an agreement on the possibility that the Games will be held in 1984. If one forgets, the other should be able to assign it a task. It's a story the athlete wrote.

Gala night as the next highlight

After the athlete's atmospheric award ceremony at the Palais Kaufmännischer Verein, the final emphasis will continue on 8 February 2019. In Gala Night Sports, organized by OÖN in collaboration with LIVA in Linz, the best athletes in the country will shine once again. Unlike the meeting of the Upper Austrian sports family on Tuesday evening, the feast in February is not partying for a closed community on the evening. The traditional gala night was a crowd-pulling vehicle for decades that filled Brucknerhaus. Also in 2019 you will have a fun program with sports, shows and many music.

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