Friday , March 5 2021

Amazon launches robotics platform | Robotic | sectors

Amazon Web Services wants to grow in robotics. RoboMaker is the name of the platform. In this respect, users should be able to develop, simulate, test and speak robotic applications. RoboMaker expands the popular open-source robotic software framework to connect to cloud services. AWS RoboMaker provides cloud extensions for ROS and allows you to release the resource-intensive computing processes required for robotic robotic applications in the cloud and to free local computing resources. These enhancements simplify integration with Amazon Kinesis Video Streaming for Video Streaming, Amazon Recognition for Image and Video Analysis, Amazon Lex for Speech Recognition, Amazon Polly for Audio Generation, and AWS services for Logging and Monitoring, such as Amazon CloudWatch. RoboMaker offers each of these cloud service extensions as open source ROS packages, so you can use the robot API to create capabilities on your robot within a familiar software framework. With the Americans.

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