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Álvaro Soler: The musician has left

Musician Alvaro Soler and his girlfriend, Spanish singer Sofia Ellar, broke up. The singer announced this on Instagram.

Living a long-distance relationship in the times of Corona poses challenges for couples around the world, including singer and TV judge Alvaro Soler (30, “Loca”) and his fiancee, Spanish singer Sofia Ellar (27). And while Soler said in an interview with the news agency spotlight in February that 2020 was “great” for their love, as the musician himself announced on Instagram, the relationship between the two broke up.

Álvaro Soler is single again

“Sofia and I wanted to tell you that our lives will go different ways because we have always been honest with you,” said the 30-year-old in Spanish and English. He also posted a picture of two of the happier days with Hands laughing in each other’s arms. And apparently two episodes are fine: “We’ll be two people who make the most of every moment, laugh, follow our dreams, and support each other on and off stage,” said the singer.

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Álvaro Soler gives no reason for separation

He also emphasizes: “We love each other and we will always try to be the best version of ourselves in the future.” Soler does not give a reason for the separation and makes it clear that this post will be the only post on this topic.

Soler and Ellar formalized their relationship in 2018 and even got engaged in the summer of last year. Normally, Soler always oscillated between Berlin and Madrid. The pandemic has made traveling much more difficult. “Every time I fly to Spain, I have to do a test beforehand. A big problem is that the rules change every time. You have to be very careful with this when traveling. It’s important to check your airline emails beforehand. Read it carefully because there are different measures in each country,” he said. Still, she and Sofia liked the quarantine and “they played a lot of music together, it was nice”.

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