Tuesday , October 19 2021

Accident with a "AEBI" in Dünserberg


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15 Nov


By Gerhard Repp
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A 59-year-old farmer from Dünserberg was in the afternoon this afternoon with "AEBI" in a mountain meadow in the "Reng" Mist spread. Around 2 pm the agricultural vehicle began to slip due to the steepness of the land and was overthrown. The farmer was not thrown out of the vehicle, but suffered indefinitely. After the event, the man returned to his house on his own. As a result, the rescue was taken from Landeskrankenhaus Feldkirch. For the rescue of the vehicle, there were 4 firefighters and 25 firefighters at Übersaxen, Dünserberg, Düns and Schnifis.

Source: LPD Vorarlberg

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