Tuesday , July 27 2021

56. Viennale increased use a bit

At the same time, this year's film festival awards were released on Thursday. The award ceremony ended the evening before the premiere of Luis Ortega's gangsterbio "El Angel" in the last two weeks of the night. Although Viennale does not traditionally compete, it always rewards some of the award-winning works of the festival festival, like the best Austrian films of last year.

For example, Sudabeh Mortezai can look forward to her second feature film, prostitution drama "Joy" at the 10th Vienna Film Award – which, like the program itself, does not distinguish between documentary and feature films. . This incredible incredible story, impressive acting direction, improvisational dialogues and last but not least, camera work that allows you to participate immediately, unanimously convinced the jury etkileyici, says reasoning.

This time, the jury was Bettina Kogler (Tanzquartier President), Corinna Milborn (Journalist), Mira Lu Kovacs (Musician), Doris Uhlich (Choreographer) and Renate Wurm (President of Salzburg Cinema). Mortezai has more than 6,000 euros in cash and 6,000 euros in the property.

The jury's special award for the first time this year goes to the documentary "Murer – Anatomy of an Experimentation" by Christian Frosch in the late 1960s in Graz. Here, the fund 4 thousand euros, assets 6 thousand euros. After a month in New York, Viennale ended his feature film director Wolfgang Fischer's F Styx raj and the award of Syrian woman Sara Fattahi, living in Vienna for ”Chaos Vienn. . They attended the 8th Erste Bank MehrWERT-Filmpreis, which was filmed by local directors at Viennale. Accommodation, travel costs and financial support for New York City are paid.

The winner will be awarded a "Standard" -Juria's Audience Award and will be given to a job that has not yet made a rental in Austria. This is Roberto Minervini's "What to Do on Fire in the World?" The prize is associated with free ads. Finally, the FIPRESCI International Film Critics Award goes to Cesar Vassyie's Orta Travaille pas CI for Best First or Medium-sized Film in the Festival Program.


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