Monday , November 23 2020

20 minutes with LumaFusion>

Professional users accuse Apple of using the new iPad Pro as an alternative to the calculator, while iPad users do not use Apple's professional applications such as alternatif Logic Pro X u and 39 Final Cut Pro X iP. Slippery amateur apps lean on "Garageband" and "iMovie" – Apple's current video campaign highlights the opposite.

Ipad Luma

Apple, under the heading "5 reasons why iPad Pro is your next computer," highlights that, among others, the iPad convinces the current applications, mobile manageability and the new generation of Apple Pencil users. Monitor and keyboard for touch screen and pen replacement.

However, it is still hard to give up their computers from Apple's tablet. Recently, for example, Nilay Patel was the editor-in-chief of the technology portal The Verge. records: Video review of iPad Pro, released in early November, could not be created on iPad Pro.

Jonathan Morrison's claim that he is currently opposing a 20-minute video show. For example, with a movie maker LumaFusion, a box from Nintendo Switch Pokemon Edition on iPad Pro has fully edited the video and shows the use of an incredibly comprehensive application in embedded video.

Video editing in iPad Pro? I thought it would be a great idea to try and edit an iPad.

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the lumafusio
the lumafusio
Developer: Luma Touch LLC

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