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The federal election is likely


November 27, 2018 12:12:56

Australians were expected to go to the polls for a federal election in May, while the Prime Minister announced that it would present a budget in April.

Scott Morrison said the budget will be on April 2, 2019, and Australians will go to the polls.

It would not be withdrawn on the exact date for the election, but probably on the 11th and 18th of May, where Easter and school holidays were given in April.

"I'll let you do the maths. There are appropriate options for the government," Morrison said.

"There are options that the government may have to call for an election at any time, including a Senate election and at the same time the elections of the House of Representatives. This will be held on May 18th.

"It is our intention to provide more budget."

Mr. Morrison has also announced that the Government will release a mid-year budget on December 17th.

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27 November 2018 11:59:33

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