Thursday , May 19 2022

Telstra Debut 8 "$ 129 for Alcatel Android Tab


Telstra, who wanted to raise the budget ahead of the holiday season, launched the new Alcatel-powered Essential 8-inch Tab and launched a $ 129 bid.

The Essential 8 iddia Tab claims to be one of the first tablets supported by Android Oreo (Go version) and also has parental controls.

This device complies with your own Device School (BYOD) school programs, especially for young students who are prone to play.

Positioned as an affordable and versatile family tablet, the Essential 8 Android Tab is capable of 4G with a Quadcore chipset and Android Oreo (8.1) Go Edition.

Alcatel Essential 1024x1024 Telstra Debut 8 for Alcatel Android Tab $ 129

The Artificial Intelligence image recognition app, Google Lens, is also pre-loaded – usually an attack on young children and adults.

With a dedicated Family Made tablet for kids, the tablet offers pre-installed games, cartoons and books. Parental controls can also customize application accessibility and usage time.

For health awareness, the tablet has a special Eye Care Mode to reduce blue light and reduce eye fatigue.

You can find more information on Telstra's website.

Technical Specifications Alcatel 8 Tab Telstra Debut 8 Alcatel Android Tab

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