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Surgeons recommend gun safety approaches – SFGate


The national medical association is a decades-long struggle for medical professionals to reduce the severity of gunshots in social media over the past week, when doctors invited their doctors to "stay on their lanes" instead of sharing their thoughts on weapon security.

Members of the medical profession took them to Twitter with a viral and often graphical campaign detailing the weapons that hurt people, and #Thisisourlane, where doctors often make efforts to save the lives of those killed.

Now, a working group from the College of American College issued a new series of weapons security proposals aimed at bringing political division together on Wednesday. Strong background checks, improved weapon safety training, mandatory reporting requirements for people considered to be a threat to themselves or others, and suggestions on the use of innovative technologies to prevent the release of incidental firearms are not much in their content. writing.

The 22 surgeon-writers are passionate firearm owners, including 18 hunters, advocates of self-defense and doctors with previous military experience.

De It's a perfect practice of well-known social science, acil says Jeremy Faust, an emergency room doctor at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, and an instructor at Harvard Medical School. Faust was not involved in the creation of the report. "People tend to change their position in a close belief, or manage them when a valid argument comes from a reliable insider."

American Surgeons' College Firearm Strategy Team represents one of the two types of insiders, Faust said: "As surgeons, they know firsthand the destruction that weapons can inflict. The gun owners understand the issues that the non-gun owners cannot fully appreciate."

The group's recommendations emerge at a time when the long-lasting splits against firearms have been increasingly polarized in schools, churches, synagogues, a concert, and fatal mass clashes. The country has had a series of collective strife this year. Finally, on October 27, he died in a Pittsburgh synagogue October 11 and was killed on November 7th in a music bar in Thousand Oaks, California on November 7th.

Many medical experts believe that gun violence should be handled in the same way as car or food safety, but the NRA has long argued that weapons are being investigated as a public health issue. The gun-safety and sports group turned into a powerful firearms lobby and encouraged Congress to cross Dickey Renovation in 1996 and effectively cut funds for weapons violence research at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

After the release of the report on Wednesday afternoon, the NRA did not immediately respond to a comment request.

Two weeks ago, on 30 October, American College Colleges published a paper that suggested a "public health approach" to violence related to firearms and said that the medical profession was "a special responsibility" to speak. The NRA firstly mocked "self-important" doctors who dared to enter the discussion with an editor and then on November 7 with tweet.

Doctors, nurses, and other members of the health community have published enormous photographs of the relevant major bodies and shattered psychophysics following armed violent operating room floors and armed violence.

Gary Timmerman, a trauma surgeon and gun owner from the Sioux Waterfalls in South Dakota, helped to compile suggestions el It's all in my lane. "These trauma victims are coming to us."

James Ficke, a Johns Hopkins surgeon who served in his army for 30 years and is considered a member of the NRA's life, expressed the concern that the #thisisourlane campaign might backfire by alienating responsible gun owners and making the debate more fragmented.

"We recognize that we have" different "bands, but we definitely need change and alignment," said Ficke, the author of the new report.

The authors stress the importance of ar protecting the right to possess and use of firearms hakk and embracing the views of gun owners.

Yaz It's the way we deal with bicycle safety, arı said Ronald Stewart, the leading writer and trauma surgeon in San Antonio. He explained that an approach related to public health to bicycle cyclists will deal with bicycle cyclists, because they understand that they have expertise in cycling, they understand the practicality of driving them, and they are also at risk.

The recommendations of the team that jumped out of collective fear after the shooting of 20 children and six adults in Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 and the work group hopped over the last eight months show striking resemblance to those lasting two weeks. Before ACP, Stewart said.

The difference was the process of building reconciliation, including a city hall of 250 doctors with broad views.

. It was one of the most civilized and collegial cases I've ever had, Stew said Stewart. "At that time, we realized we could build a bridge, work together."

The process affected experts on violence prevention.

Megan Ranney, an emergency physician in Rhode Island, and the chief researcher of the American Society for the Reduction of Gunshot Injury, said, R If we take politics out of this public health problem, we can reach a compromise. Rh

Despite the occasional tension in the debate, Timmerman agreed on the fundamental importance of research by scientists who believed that all of the researchers were evidence-based medicine.

"We are not afraid to let the truth speak for itself." Said.

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