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Spice Girl Mel B says Eddie Murphy in her new book 'Great Love'

Their hurricane relationship ended with a surprise pregnancy, followed by a bitter struggle for child support, but still Melanie BrownMel B insists that Eddie Murphy It holds a special place in your heart.

43-year-old Spice Girl made a revelation during the amazing revelation Good morning Britain introducing new memories yesterday Brutally honestactor's life is the "great love" is where he wrote.

"It's always going to be," Brown confirms hosting Piers Morgan. "I mean, I've never talked like that before, so [in] I wanted to handle this book because many people have something wrong about how things happen.


Brown said the couple met for a dinner in 2006 and had "an intense" attraction from the outset. He then left for nine months before his daughter got pregnant with Angel. Back then Brown People Murphy said that 57 wanted nothing to do with Angel, and then asked him to do a paternity test, which proves his father's biological father.

Edi Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Brown came out very recently and have never made ANY plans, “he added. Karşı Angel's father acknowledged that his father was a father and gave child support to Brown and paid for his pregnancy. “

Mel B with his daughters (from left to right) Phoenix Chi Gulzar, Belafonte Angel Brown and Madison Brown. (PA)

Over the years, the couple learned about their peerage Angel, and exes was as well on the lookout as Murphy did to his daughters on a book tour.

Açık He's such a lovely person – he's a very respectful, very old school about the family, and we've taken some time before everyone knows, “Brown explained. "And at the end of the day, we have a beautiful daughter, Angel, 11 years old, and I'm staying with him right now while I'm here."

When Brown met Murphy when he said it was "love at first sight", he didn't have to have a relationship, and they were "like a love story without a perfect end".

But when Morgan's landlord asks if he wants to revive his romance with Murphy right now, she is newly divorcedBrown immediately shut the conversation down as the actor was in a "beautiful, determined relationship".

"She said the lady waited a few weeks for her second baby." That's why Brown, 39, called Aussie his fiancee. Paige ButcherThey're pregnant with their second baby. Baby will be Murphy's 10th child.

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