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Sam Burgess NRL retirement, Brad Fittler is back

NSW Blues coach Brad Fittler wasn't convinced he saw the end of Sam Burgess after the South Sydney icon announced his retirement from the NRL this week.

Burgess's decision to suspend the boots for the RabbiTohs after 182 games, a month-long saga ended on the condition of his patient shoulder and whether he would let him play in 2020.

In an emotional letter to fans on Wednesday, Burgess said his decision had been taken away because he had prevented him from "staying out on the training ground, and therefore on the playing field," day after day.

While the call of shock caused a sadness to diminish from every corner of the game, Fittler was largely unconvinced by the movement as he turned a turn from the barricade Brit's line.

Orum I know you're retired, but I think next year can only be a year of departure, F Fittler told the Wide World of Sports. Freddy and the Eighth.

“I just don't feel like I've seen the end of Sam. I just wish he'd taken a year off. He said whether he had to say he was retired, that he had started to go, that he had started to go.

“He just looks so young, he has so much to offer, and even with a sore shoulder, he says he definitely has more legs in Sam Burgess as he plays at the back end of the year.

“Jobs may have a lot to do with the insurance side. Announcing his retirement the other day, he said that there was a strategy around South Sydney to get back the limits of salary ceiling value the other day.

Burgess 'departure marks the second player on the premiere side of 2014, who was forced to retire early following Greg Inglis' announcement earlier this year.

In this scenario, Inglis' salary was added back to Hahamtoh's limit, as he took part in the team's coaching squad in the 2020 season.

Burgess 'salary appears to be exempt from Souths' head with reports that he also rejected Wayne Bennett's role as coaching assistant to spend time with his family.

Burgess calls time for NRL career

"Seriously, if he won't play next year, let him go[Souths] Get the money and let them buy "

His younger brother Thomas is the last Burgess brother to remain in South Sydney for the coming 2020 season.

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