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Robert Redford is a low-key crowd.


An old man walks into a bank.

She is wearing a beige trench coat, a menacing suit with a yellow stripe tie and a brown hat. He carries a battered leather briefcase and has a hearing aid.

He smiles at you and very politely informs you that this is a robbery.

And because you have the charm and devil-care of Robert Redford, you are following it.

Old Man and Gun the real story of Forrest Tucker (Redford), a lifelong criminal and prison escape artist. This is an unusual story of a man who always chases his excitement, an unusual life in his own terms – even if it means countless hits in prison.

Based on the 2003 New Yorker profile by David Grann about the Forrest, the film is run by his indie lover David LoweryA ghost story, Pete's Dragon, They saints not their bodiesand Sissy Spacek, Danny Glover, Tom Waits, Elisabeth Moss and Casey Affleck.

In the 1970s, when we met Forrest, he was 70 years old and just recently from San Quentin State Prison, and he has already returned to the theft.

He's not a man who cares about the money he stole because it's the excitement of planning, robbery and escape. By committing a series of small sticks across the US, lax security is sometimes aimed at smaller organizations, sometimes with partner Teddy (Glover) and Waller (Waits).

In the meantime, she also meets Jewel (Spacek), a divorce which is the love of horses.

In the end, Forrest's robberies attract the attention of Detective John Hunt (Affleck), who sees the perplexing tendencies of the old men who seem to like the ektif gentleman un of the victims.

While most robberies focus on the exciting cat and mouse chase between the criminal and the person trying to catch them, Old Man and Gun Spend delightful quiet moments with Forrest and Jewel, much more concerned with character work.

And you have a natural chemistry like Redford and Spacek, you can watch them sitting in a restaurant for an hour and you don't wear tires. They are a talented director who knows how to perform fine performances and let them know from two master actors who know exactly what he is doing.

Lowery is known for touching emotional facts without bells and whistles. Old Man and Gun avoiding melodrama for simple but effective storytelling is no different.

In the film, there is a different classical look, influenced by the culprits of his time. Your mind Bullitt or French Connection.

There is a joke, a retirement bonus that has chosen Forrest as his latest role in Redford. Redford also had a remarkable life and career, and the parallels between the two films didn't get lost in film audiences, especially if the film used a young Redford archive photos and clips as a younger Forrest – it could actually be heard ere awws hayat on the screening.

This is a great capper for a great heritage. There is melancholy and a sense of goodwill.

Old Man and Gun a charismatic star, a massive robbery film full of charismatic stars and a character piece and great performances. There is nothing to disturb or surprise you and you will be happy and satisfied from the cinema.

Evaluation: ★★★★

Old Man and Gun, from the cinemas today.

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