Friday , April 16 2021

Red Dead Can Buy 8 Hours to Win Gold Bars Online


If you don't like this taste, you can catch them for real money.

By Shabana Arif

The players of Red Dead Online have researched how much time they have spent to win the gold bars – and they're not sure about it.

Red Dead Online beta version, Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition & # 39; Although micro transfers have not yet been released, Rockstar has confirmed that players can get gold bullion in the in-game store. If you are not available to access your wallet, it may take up to 8 hours for you to win a gold bar.

In a post about what is expected in Beta, Rockstar says: "You may find that some areas of in-game menus cannot be accessed or accessed in this early period, for example, Red Dead Online in-game Store Finally, the camp decor We will offer you the option of buying gold bars to get a special style for your cosmetic products or weapons.

The good news here is that the gold bars will only be used for cosmetics. Potentially bad news for players who don't want to pay any cash, can take a good time to win even a bar as shown by Reddit's UnavailableIDs through Wccftech.

The shipment came in response to another user who claimed that the railings would earn 50 hours.

"I played about 4 hours yesterday. You have to get 100 nuggets to make a single gold bar. You enter 0.02 and 0.04 (0.02 gold bars = 2 nuggets) each in a 10 minute series (death match, races etc.). little."

"It always assumes you get 0.02 and you don't have time to load it takes 50 games (500 minutes) to get 1 gold bar.

So far a few users who have confirmed it, this is the case.

"I watched a Twitch stream with 9H 45M play time on the Internet and I believe they have about 1.65 gold bars," IitZJaay said.

A Today I've played foreign missions, main story missions, gang hiding, and one or two open-world events for about 7 hours, and now I have 0.87 gold bars. "I'd think it was pretty grind by getting out) I basically have to play 40 hours per week for three weeks to unlock a good horse," Inowannausedesktop added.

Please note that Red Dead Online is still in beta, so we can see changes in the odds that players receive cash and gold bullion, and we still don't know how much the bars will cost in real life.

Red Dead Online contains a battle royale mode and you can find out when the beta will live for you here.

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