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Red Bull Daniel Ricciardo & # 39; s best overtaking in Formula One & # 39; lost – F1

Christian Horner, director of the Red Bull team, thinks the pilot, Daniel Ricciardo, is the best player in Formula One.

To mark Ricciardo's final break for Red Bull before he left for the Renault in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday, the team hired a dignified guardian from team hospitality to the garage before the race.

In his slowing lap, Horner gave him a warm tribute to the radio, emphasizing seven victories and the "good times" they shared.

Ricciardo was renowned as one of F1's most challenging racers in his time at Red Bull, winning many of his victories on charges of alternative strategies or difficulties in the field.

When Horner decides who should replace Mark Webber, who retired Red Bull in 2014, he confessed that Ricciardo's racing ability was a concern.

Horner asked Autosport's message of farewell to Ricciardo.

Harika It has been working with Red Bull since 2007 and it is great to see its growth and development.

. Ironically, when we faced the dilemma of who we were replacing Mark Webber, there was Jean-Eric Vergne, Daniel Ricciardo, and Kimi Raikkonen.

"And our main concern with Daniel was not his speed, but since he was on a Toro Rosso, we hadn't seen him wheel spin his race.

"And since a Red Bull Racing got into his car, he didn't do anything, but he's arguably the best breath in the job.

"It took some fantastic races for us."

Ricciardo, Junior, was supported by Red Bull during his career, and in the mid-2011 with HRT at the start before giving two seasons at Toro Rosso.

He acknowledged that leaving the Red Bull family in Abu Dhabi was highly emotional, but it was a change he felt he had to do, because derece he had to go alone and make my own decision. I had to try to take this step. my best version. "

Horner said Ricciardo was an ideal Red Bull driver.

”His personality is a tremendous fit with the brand,“ he said.

"The energy of the team was very popular, with him and Max's dynamics. [Verstappen]You just have to look at the mischief they have – great. "

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