Sunday , April 11 2021

Norman Pardo, former director of OJ Simpson, says he can prove star killer Nicole Brown.

Norman Pardo, former director of OJ Simpson, makes a documentary on famous murders – presenting the fact that Simpson "did not act alone."

New York Post Some 20 years after Pardo's acquaintance, who describes himself as the friend of NFL-big-con-con, Pardo has been developing the film for four years with Pardo's assistant director, Australian Dylan Howard.

The series will be directed to broadcast services, cable and premium networks, which will be the next 25th anniversary of the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman in the coming weeks.

”For the first time, the most comprehensive investigation into the murder that has ever been made will be shared with the United States,“ he said. Pardo claimed that Simpson had over 70 hours of videos that no one had ever seen.

”We have formed a team of internationally renowned criminal investigators, experts and lawyers,“ he said. ”And they believe they can't just prove that they're involved in the death of the Simpsons lay but for the first time, it proves that they have at least one accomplice.“

Howard, who worked before he was sacked on Channel 7 in Australia, is on the back of the Discovery ID crime series. The Mystery of an American Murder and array National Enquirer Explores.

In 2006, Simpson introduced Simpson as an accomplice in an interview in which he did not admit to crime, but hypothetically explained how he killed Brown and Goldman.

Speaking of a number he called "Charlie," he increased the likelihood of helping.

However, the general consensus was that Simpson killed the couple himself.

There was only one bloody footprint on the stage, and Simpson was wearing a pair of shoes of the same type.

On the left side of the footprints, Simpson blood blood droplets were detected in which DNA tests appeared.

Also, a trace of his blood, Simpson was reportedly taken to the white Ford Bronco.

This article was originally New York Post and reissued here with permission

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