Saturday , July 31 2021

New power projects can receive govt support

New or expanded pumped hydro, solar, gas and coal projects to increase new energy production will be supported for taxpayers.

The technology-neutral approach will focus on a generation that will lower prices, increase competition and be delivered quickly.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor will speak on Wednesday and announced that the government is scheduled to begin a new energy production after several energy laws.

Or The program will have a level playing field to enable the best and lowest cost production options to be supported, “he says.

Or This takes into account the ”green space uz or ini brown field in projects as well as the upgrades or life extensions of existing generators.

"We cannot continue to have a system where tightness is ignored, transmission costs are not taken into account and affordability is not a priority."

Mr. Taylor says the government has made direct approaches to special projects such as hydroelectricity, coal, gas and solar heat.

Recently, he held two meetings with 70 people from retailers, generators, banks, engineering companies and consultants to shape the criteria used to decide which projects to write on.

Mr. Taylor is also offering the government to the Snowy 2.0 pump hydro project.

Or It doesn't have the necessary capacity to store power when it's not needed, and it produces when needed, “he says.

"While both gas and batteries play an important role, they ensure that the pumped hydrogen is stored at relatively low cost and can work for long time frames to match volatile supply and volatile supply."

However, there is no new emission reduction policy after the end of the National Energy Guarantee.

Mr. Taylor said that Australia was "far ahead of the plan" to reduce emissions and that solar power and wind power increased by 250 percent over the next three years.

Şt From about ninety percent to 33 percent of the national energy market, we're about to go through the wind and the sun, “he says.

"I am not aware of a big country that has made such a transformation in a short time."

Instead, Mr. Taylor says Australia is focusing on credibility with the ecek retailer's credibility obligation “to stimulate investment production that can be deployed when needed.

Or The credibility obligation has a trigger to attract the new market capacity where gaps in any individual market are defined, “he says.

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