Thursday , July 29 2021

Melbourne's terror debate has become political

While Victoria has been freed from the third deadly street attack in less than two years, federal Interior Minister Peter Dutton has indicted him against the judiciary of the state.

The liberal command bounced back for his comment and because he suggested that Australia do more to overcome the extremists of the Muslim community.

"We have some special problems in Victoria, some in judicial appointments," Dutton told Monday's 3AW radio.

Har (Premier Daniel) Although Andrews speaks harshly during an election campaign on these issues, he spends the other three and a half years considerably softer than the law and order.

”We see cases where people are sentenced to prison, or there is no deterrence, there is no effect you can see in other convictions.“

Mr. Andrews, half of the government's campaign to protect the government during the November 24 elections, refused to bite back.

Değil Now isn't the time for such low-grade political arguments, and that's not something I'm going to get into. I think even Peter Dutton is honest. Bence

Sisto Malaspina, a prominent Melbourne Restaurateur, was wounded in the terror event on Friday at Bourke Street when Friday 30-year-old, 30-year-old Hassan Khalif, landed in Shire Ali's whirlwind off before the stabbed attack was launched. .

As flower tributes built outside the café owned by Malaspina, the family offered a state funeral to the island aç who loves this big city; and paid tribute.

"Every father of the father received the same respect and service, regardless of whether they were standing in the community."

The Shire Ali family suffered mentally on Friday at the attack on Bourke Street.

"Please don't stop turning it into a political game. It's not a man who has any connection to terrorism but cries for help," he told the media.

The police, however, were not aware of any health problems associated with the attacker's knife attacker, who had been canceled by the federal authorities in 2015, fearing that the Somali-born man would try to go to Syria to fight for the Islamic State.

Shire Ali was shot by an officer in Friday's attack and later died in the hospital.

On Monday, a 24-year-old security guard, one of the two survivors, was released from the hospital. Tasmanian businessman Rod Patterson is still interested.

Shane Patton, deputy superintendent responsible for expert operations, said Victoria Police reacted well to the attack.

"They intervened, they acted according to their training, and they were dealing with this terrorist very bravely. They were hit too fast."

Dutton urged the Muslim community to work more closely with the authorities to manage extreme officials.

It was a feeling of great support from Mr. Andrews.

"One, if we see something that makes no sense, if we think that someone has caught this evil, evil ideology, we all have a responsibility to make a phone call, we all have to stand up. This is a perfect logical thing to say."

The street attack on Friday occurred in January 2017, which resulted in the death of six people and injured dozens of people, and struck a pedestrian car attack on 16 peders in December, resulting in a car attack in Bourke St & # 39; hit.

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