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Maroons applauds Mal Meninga's Titans applause


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Maroons veterans say MAL Meninga can transfer many of the successful methods to the new role of Queensland State of Origin team culture in Titans.

Meninga served as Kangaroos coach last week when he served as president of performance and culture at Titans.

Meninga explained what would be the way to become a winning Origin team before the 2006 series of nine wins in 10 years of coaching for Queensland players.

At the age of 58, Meninga took part in the game he played last week, not a coach, and emphasized that the players' accountability is very important in his strategy on the Gold Coast.

“I think this is a great idea. They were talking about doing something similar in Canberra behind the scenes, den says Steve Walters of Queensland team manager and Steve Walters, former team mate of Meninga's Canberra, Queensland and Australia, since 2001.

Du Since 2006, the Goods have established a link to the people they represent and the responsibilities that come with it.

media_camer toMal Meninga, Kangaroo coach, was appointed head of performance and culture at Gold Coast Titans. Image: AAP




Tır It's a little different because the Titans didn't have that much history, but I'm sure that the Goods will be about themselves to make their own history, to take ownership and to blame others.

Için These concepts are not just for representative teams. Many of them were not new, but there is a really good way to present Mal 'players.

Ayakta Helps him stand in the game and have his physical size. People tend to listen more. ''

Rugby: Trent Barrett didn't come to Edly training, despite reports of his return to work this morning.

No show at Barrett Manly

Brent Tate, who played five wins in the 2006-13 season for Meninga, said that Meninga asked the players in their early years with Maroons as, the people of Queensland, what they were looking for as a team Men.

, Mal, he showed us what he played for Queensland, and what kind of a history we lost until 2006,. Tate said.

media_camer toMal Meninga speaks with players from the 2013 Maroons team. Image: Getty Images

Oldu In the careers of the players, it was very important for the turning points, and that was a big thing for most of us. Titans can also be done. Ti These things, in my opinion, really aroused the culture in Maroons.

”I think the goods can be a real success in the Titans and can really be an important appointment by the Titans.“

Gold Coast finished 14th in the first year of coach Garth Brennan and exceeded top 10 in four of the last five seasons. The Titans made the qualifying final in 2016.

Olabilir In a year, he can't turn him over and he could be a big name, probably not a top-tier club, T Tate said.

media_camer toFormer Queensland Origin star, Brent Tate, believes that Mal Meninga may have a major impact on the Gold Coast Titans.

Or They have things with Ash Taylor and a good kid's crop, but it takes time. They've fought a bit with their identity, so it makes sense. The goods will help them create an identity.

”The goods would tell us that we had to take ownership of our preparation to little things like hydration that added big things.“

Walters said that Meninga's pleasure from a team environment is central to his ability to speak the language of the actors.

Or This is something he has, and he knows it's really important, Walt Walters said.

Da It's really true and honest that players tell us what they say about it. “

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