Saturday , October 23 2021

Libraries Across the Country Honors Stan Lee


From the beginning of this week to the end of Stan Lee, fans share tribute to the comic book legend in a variety of ways. Since its impact on promoting literacy is undeniable, the libraries in America show their support for Lee.

Contemporary comic book fans can best witness the characters created by Lee & Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the publisher's legacy in publishing dates back as long as possible to the notion of a superhero-based film. For the majority of his career, his characters have encouraged his fans to take comic books, which often breaks the love of reading that will last until the end of his fans' lives.

While some do not see comics as a downward form of literature, libraries know their values ​​and Lee's brand on literacy.

Scroll down to see how libraries honor the creator.

Slide 3 18"Comics should be in every library."

Slide 5 18Holding Back Tears

Slide 6 18Celebration of life

Slide 7 18Character destiny

Slide 8 18King

Slide 13 18Amazing, Amazing and Fantastic

Slide 18 18Pop-Up Screen

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