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Kylie Minogue is "upset" in legal battle with Kylie Jenner


Kylie Minogue opens up her legal battle with Kylie Jenner after she tries to get the beauty out of her trademarked merchant's names.

The Aussie superstar has long been known as id Kylie ’and wanted to keep it that way, after the real star, famous for its lips and lip set, made a formal claim in April 2014 only as ord Kylie A.

In fact, it was Kylies' war.

Minogue hired a lawyer who described Jenner as a lik secondary reality television personality Min; we thought it was a sort of a street, and now the singer admitted that he was, sad bu with this claim.

I'm very sorry when I heard that. Ile Who said what? Ve I said, ile Minogue had a chat with Australia's The Project, and now, with the beauty of the back view.

Kylie V Kylie (Image: PA Tel / PA Images)

I What I turned back to was “the attorney spoke‘.

Interviewer Lisa Wilkinson said: eğer Australia was truly terrified when we heard that you were trying to get the name Kylie worldwide dünya I wonder how it feels if we get angry.

He wrote: & I thought, ed Oh, here we go, it's an inconvenience orada – I didn't want it to be any (problem), so everything was done yaz to say, it was very nice.

In a list sent by the legal team to the US Patent and Trademark Office against Jenner's claim that Minogue is a world-renowned, internationally recognized artist, human and breast cancer activist as Hukuk Kylie Hukuk. told. . & # 39;

Jenner's application was rejected in February last year and the real star reportedly filed an appeal.

Minogue addressed the legal dispute earlier last year because he said there was nothing personal against the architect he had not met.

. I've never met Kylie Jenner, Stone said Rolling Stone. I've never met a member of a family – actually, I've met Kendall Jenner in a fashion event – but I honestly don't know them. It's weird because the fans are so loyal and vocal and we love it! But it was nothing personal, I'm suffering. "

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The career of Spinning Around, the first of his career this year, is going to take power from power this year, after having been nominated for a Glastonbury festival next year.

The star was performed 12 years ago, but was forced to appear one month after discovering that she had breast cancer.

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