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Fulham fucked Slavisa Jokanovic and appointed Claudio Ranieri

Welcome to Premier League Ranieri.

Fulham took Slavisa Jokanovic off the job and replaced him with Leicester & # 39; In 2016, he replaced Claudio Ranieri with Premier League.

Jokanovic continues with five points in 12 games with the player at the bottom of the Premier League table.

Italian Ranieri, 67, was awarded a "multi-year" contract by Londoners.

Fulham Khalid Chairman of the board, "without the right answer or background plan to make a change was not an option." Said.

Di In other words, having Claudio & # 39; s ready to challenge our challenge was, above all, a comforting thing.

"Claudio, Premier League and especially now in Fulham is risk-free and ready for what we need.

”With the recent city of Leicester City, you're literally legendary, and then you see Claudio living with big clubs in Chelsea and Europe, and we're inviting an extraordinary football man to Fulham Football Club.“

Khan, the club's vice president and director of football operations, his son and son Tony Han said last week that he talked to a number of potential candidates.

Ranieri, who was responsible for the French club of Nantes last season, said, "It is an honor to accept Mr. Khan's invitation and the tradition and history, and the chance to lead Fulham, a fantastic club." Said.

"The goal in Fulham should never have to survive in the Premier League. We must always be a tough competitor and expect to be successful.

"This Fulham team has an extraordinary talent against the position on the table."

Ranieri's first play will be on Saturday, November 24, at Fulda's Craven Cottage in Southampton.

Edi I know that this team can deliver better performances, which we'll work with right after we've prepared for the Cottage in Southampton. “

Ranieri's rollercoaster – head shock for sack

Claudio Ranieri led the Premier League championship in Leicester City in 2015-16.

In spite of extensive experience with clubs such as Valencia, Juventus, Inter Milan, Rome and Monaco, Ranieri made it to Leicester City in 2015 due to unsuccessful spells as Greece's boss, including the European nobles during the Euro 2016 qualification to lose their poor islands in Europe. She attended.

The Italians received the nickname dan The Tinkerman, al which was second in the Premier League, formerly responsible for the King of England and previously reached the Champions League semi-finals.

More than a decade later, Leicester started the 2015-16 season as the 5,000-1 foreigner to win the Premier League and was among the favorites of the enemy.

But the Foxs, once described as a "miracle", riveted the club's first high-level English titles, delivering one of the biggest sporting shocks of all time.

However, the tale could not continue. Ranieri dismissed the campaign: only nine months after he submitted the title.

Jokanovic & # 39; s correct decision & # 39; firing on

Jokanovic, who joined the club in December 2015, led Fulham to promote the play-offs last season.

However, after four seasons in the championship, they scored only one win in their return to the Premier League.

"I didn't expect to announce this announcement about Slavisa, and I didn't want it to wish it hadn't, but this season made my way, what I knew was the right decision at the right time. For our players, our club and our fans," Khan added.

"Slavisa will always show gratitude and respect for everything he has done to bring Fulham back to the high-level football field.

"I hope that everyone in the Fulham family share my heartfelt feelings for Slavisa and wish her success and good fortune wherever her next stop is."

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