Tuesday , December 1 2020

Fagan sure Beams output pause Lions

Chris Fagan, after rubbing his shoulders with the best athletes and trainers of European sports, returned to Brisbane and made sure that the developing Lions did not stop due to Dayne Beams' separation.

The Brisbane coach spent nine days overseas observing the British rugby side of the English Premier League club Brighton and Hove Albion and Eddie Jones.

He also went on to work with coach Italian coach Francesco Molinari, trained by Lions, to help coach Daniel McStay kick.

Fagan says he has returned with new ideas and that there is a healthy optimism despite a player's exit.

Izi Encourages thinking; You see different environments, you find ways to bring them to your own place. farklı

As for the sudden return of all Australian Beams to Collingwood, Fagan was eager to pull him out of his breast once and for all.

"I think a frustrating team is all in our club … We all know that we are sincere and supportive of how much have we supported Dayne and his brother Claye and his family last year?" the death of their fathers, Philip.

"When you believe in the depth, I hope that the real investment will be returned in terms of loyalty, but I understand the situation in Dayne.

Dü Probably the best was combing my loyalty to Brisbane, or my sanity and what was good for my family, and naturally he chose this, so he returned to Melbourne.

"I hope I have to answer a question about this because it is no longer one of our players."

The acquisition of Lachie Neale (Fremantle) and Jarryd Lyons (Gold Coast) helped soften the coup for Fagan.

”I think we're so good and really covered up,“ he said.

"I was on Hawthorn when Lance Franklin went and everyone thought the world was going to end … Hawthorn won the next two flags.

"This is a team game and we're working together to decide next year how well we're progressing and how far we're working together."

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