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Twitter erupted in anger over the "arrogant, disgusting, arrogant" performance of the National Bank of Australia President Ken Henry in the banking royal commission.

Henry, once a millionaire in Australia's most powerful and respected public official, caused anger at him for chewing on answers, answering questions, or refusing to respond and talking with his breath.

The former Treasury Secretary, who owns large properties outside Canberra, told the senior adviser, Rowena Orr, the QC, that he thinks he should respond and what he has not done.

The answer to Twitter was basically off the head.

The posters on Twitter believed that his "snide mes and aşağı flippant AB responses came down the NAB board and called the" dinosaur Twitter.

. Ken Henry! Arrogant Idiot, seems to be the customer's problem by disabling customers in mind,, he wrote in @ gretep4.

"A self-respecting shareholder should demand his immediate resignation."

Others said that Henry was "forced to bully" and that Orr and some were threatening to close NAB bank accounts immediately.

Ken Henry's Wikipedia page has recently been reorganized to say that the Royal Commission had encountered an araç arrogant vehicle and a real ball-bag Ken.

Although other banking and financial institution chiefs accepted the royal commission apologies and mistakes, Henry was less willing.

Take this change when Orr grills Henry about his reaction to the NAB board's response to the "service charge" scandal.

NAB managers were reported to remain silent for 11 months. The regulator stated that the ASIC was $ 37.6 million ($ 36.8 million) in the bank.

Orr: Do you accept that the board of directors should have printed it before?

Henry: (a long pause) im I wish I was, I would say… I still don't know Henry

Orr: I want you to answer my question, Dr Henry. Do you agree that the board of directors should be involved before?

Henry: I asked how I could answer the question.

Orr: I'm sorry, yes or not Dr. Henry?

Henry: I answered the question in the way I preferred to answer the question.

Orr: I want you to answer my question. Do you agree that the board of directors should be involved before?

Henry: I wish we lived.

Orr: I'll take that as a yes, Dr. Henry.

Henry: Consider this as yes. Well?

Twitter posters also brought "thehonestbank tweeting" in honor of Henry's "doctor", "Just because you have a DR in front of your name doesn't mean you're GOD." Unfortunately, NAB's Ken Henry didn't get his grade. "

Henry AC was a friend of the Australian Order to work as a "doctor" in economics and as an economist, and to protect the habitat of the endangered Hairy-nosed womb in Australia.

When Orr asked a question, and Henry refused, he replied, "We've gone through this," said Orr, "No, we're sorry."

Henry retreated, "Didn't you?"

Orr: No.

Henry: (under the breath) No, you wouldn't.

Orr questioned Henry for lack of formal registration for violating the law when Henry did not make an official notification of paying the wages of at least 12,000 customers.

Orr: Of course, at this point, did someone in your business think whether this behavior violated the law and if so how did it affect the law?

Henry: Yes.

Orr: Of course, should the hedging officer report to the risk committee?

Henry: "Maybe."

Orr: Where we've started, maybe you'll have a little bit of, 'Dr Henry?

Henry: Yeah, maybe.

Orr: I'm afraid I still don't understand the reason for your hesitation.

Henry: I probably can't explain it to you.

At other times, Henry began to talk about the status of capitalism when he was asked about big bonus payments about bank managers.

”The capitalist model is that businesses have no other responsibility than to maximize profits for shareholders,“ he said.

"Many people who have been involved in this discussion over the last 12 months have said that everything you have to hold responsible for the boards of directors is focused on maximizing shareholders' profits."

Rowena Orr repeatedly asked Ken Henry to answer a question about the NAB board's delay in reporting a violation. Photo / Product
Rowena Orr repeatedly asked Ken Henry to answer a question about the NAB board's delay in reporting a violation. Photo / Product

When asked if he had seen a document which had already been shown by Orr, Henry said that he could not remember.

"It doesn't really matter, is it?" "Maybe," he added before looking at the stony reaction of Orr.

Henry, who works as a tax consultant for both the Liberal and Labor governments, is mainly seen as a lover of the left.

Former prime minister Paul Keating's opposition leader John Hewson's attempt to successfully defeat Fightback! The GST 1993 campaign was working for Henry John Howard.

For Kevin Henry, he wrote the 2010 Henry Tax Review and prime minister, Julia Gillard, as a private consultant.

But even the press of Fairfax described the royal commission performance as, tons deaf # with the Australian Financial Review.

. Henry tried to portray himself as a deep thinker ere but in doing so, he blurred the waters around the NAB's attitudes towards governance and key customer service related issues, "AFR wrote.

In 2011, he was appointed as the Executive Director of NAB, and in 2015 he became director of the Australian Reserve Bank.

In 2016, Henry said there is a belief that the gap between the senior executives of the top executives and the allowance paid to the few average workers cannot be wider.

The customer said he would try to align the payment for the results.

However, on the same day last year, NAB reported a profit of 6.64 billion A, announced that 4000 banks had cut their jobs.

Despite Henry's goal of reducing large-scale salaries, NAB's CEO Andrew Thorburn can achieve a record 10.76 million A çap büyüks this year, if he achieves his performance goals.

From a humble background, the president, Henry, was the son of a timber cutter, earning only 790,000 A from the NAB who grew up in Taree.

He is also Chairman of the Public Policy Institute of the Australian National University and of the Advisory Board for SMART Infrastructure Facilities at Wollongong University.

Henry says that rural descent made him a passionate conservation campaigner with his wife Naomi on the Voiceless council.

Henry, there are less noble quests in life than to give voice to the people who will suffer in silence.

But he's talking about his brave-nosed wombat, not his customers.

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