Tuesday , October 4 2022

Employees encourage more mental health investment


Workplace mental health is still a study for Australia, one in four employees experiencing a high level of stress in their current work and five of them say they will leave in the next 12 months.

According to a SuperFriend report, Emerging Business Indicatorsthe highest levels of work stress in the work stress were high-level managers, and almost half were stigmatized around the workplace's mental health and well-being. The most common group was 18-24 years old.

This resulted in the national workplace health and welfare index being over 65 out of 100 throughout the year. The report suggested that work should be done to improve welfare in the workplace.

C Work stress and the stigmatization of people now mean we're still on our journey, Super said SuperFriend CEO Margo Lydon.

“We spend a lot of time in our work throughout our lives. Work experiences contribute to both our identity and our welfare. It is very important that employers and employees work in cooperation to adopt a preventative approach to achieve a mentally healthy work environment to ensure the development of all employees, regardless of whether they have mental health conditions. "

Almost a third of the respondents believed that their employers were biri too busy to take action Rapor; 51 per cent of it felt that there were more important business issues to address, and that 47 per cent was not responsible for taking action.

However, employers have benefited from investing in mental health and well-being and said respondents believe that 64 per cent will boost productivity, and 55 per cent will reduce disease and absenteeism. In the light of the above findings of the report regarding the employees who wanted to quit the work, employers would have thought that half of the employees believed that such an investment would be a rehabilitation enhancer.

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