Thursday , February 25 2021

Emma Thompson to play Miss Trunchbull in Matilda

Emma Thompson starred as Miss Trunchbull in the screen adaptation of the Matilda musical.

Miss Trunchbull is the terrible headmaster who bullies his schoolgirls, occasionally shaking them with braids.

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“To portray a woman, the best gender must be woman,” said one director in the film. Daily mail.

Alisa Weir will play the lead role with Matthew Warchus, who directed the Royal Shakespeare Company production and developed the screen adaptation. He said it was “a big role” for the 11-year-old actor. unforgettable auditions ”.

The young star won awards by singing and appeared in the Irish TV series. Darklands.

Warchus is Matilda’s “boy standing up against what is right, what is wrong; and I think these values ​​are very important to all of us ”.

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Warchus explained at the theater that Matilda was “trading some sort of color cartoon energy” but admitted that the film was a more realistic medium.

“The fact that Trunchbull can now be played by a woman is part of the complete re-understanding of the story,” he explained to the broadcast.

Ralph Fiennes was considered for the role earlier last year.

Matilda is based on Roald Dahl’s 1988 novel.

The musical became an instant hit when it opened in November 2010.

The past few years have seen Warchus and his colleagues work with Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner (from Working Title) and Jon Finn and Luke Kelly (The Roald Dahl Story Company) to adapt the game to the screen.

The screen adaptation will be broadcast on Netflix worldwide.

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