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Christmas Edmonds retires from television if he wins a celebrity

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Edmonds said his son pressured Harrison to go to the show.

At the end of the ITV, Christmas confirmed that Edmonds went to the jungle to join me as a celebrity … Get out of here!

The 69-year-old experienced publisher said the audience was "putting her in absolute hell" and was expecting her to eat a worm out of her garden.

But he promised that if he was crowned by the Jungle King, he would be removed from the television.

Edmonds was one of the most popular British television and radio hosts of the 1970s, and made hit shows such as Christmas's Home Party and Deal Or No Deal.

But the latest film Channel 4 's Cheap Cheap Cheap' last year was not a success.


Edmonds introduces Mr Blobby to the world at Noel's Home Party

In recent days, thanks to shows such as Late Breakfast, Multicolored Clearing Shop and Telly Addicts, the star television screens became a solid fixture.

He was also known to give the world for the Christmas party joke – and Mr. Blobby – among the sons of BBC One on Saturday night, 1990.

Edmonds said he was persuaded to go to the Australian jungle with his 15-year-old son Harrison. "It left me under considerable pressure," Edmonds told ITV.

Et I think the British people will enjoy seeing me finally come and see me, “he continued.

“After everything I've done with Gotchas, I know they're going to put me in total hell and I deserve it.“

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Christmas – a 20/1 stranger who made bets to win a real show – offered him viewers who were not a fan of his encouragement to keep him.

"I'll get out of the TV and I'll never show up again," he promised. "There is an agreement I have been striking against the great British people who have supported me for years."

Edmonds' participation in this year's series has already revealed the fair share of penalties.

In a separate interview with The Sun, Noel explained how the show prepared to eat the bugs' taste buds in the famous bushtucker trials.

”There are no worms in our garden anymore,“ he said.

In recent years, Edmonds has fought for compensation for the Lloyds Banking Group after a victim of a million-dollar bank fraud ten years ago.

In March he announced that he was trying to take his own life as a result of his suffering.

Anne Hegerty of Chase, football manager Harry Redknapp, television host Nick Knowles and actor John Barrowman are among the celebrities they will meet when they join the camp.

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