Saturday , April 17 2021

Australia's oldest university announces crypto partnership

University Cryptos

Australia's most historic university signed a landmark agreement with an emerging cryptographic project.

University of Sydney South Korean blockchain will work with platform PhantomIt aims to compete with Ethereum and EOS.

The Fantom (FTM) had no shortage of money as it earned $ 55 million in its first money supply (ICO) in June of this year and agreed to sponsor university academicians to help develop smart contract technologies.

The Phantom CEO Ahn Byung Ik said it was an end exciting şirketi deal for his company and the blockchain industry.

. Since we are trying to accelerate adoption of Blockchain technology, some important technical challenges need to be addressed, including issues related to security, scalability, and high energy consumption, Dr Dr Ahn said.

Eye In order to start this process, the sector should begin to focus more on block-chain-focused research and academic environments that lack desperation. “

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Dr Ahn Byung Ik, Chairman of the Fantom Executive Board

An exciting leap into a new and rapidly evolving field for a University founded 168 years ago.

Olduğ As trainers, it is our job to provide students with as much experience and as many tools as possible to be successful in today's industries, Sydney said Bernhard Scholz, associate professor at the University of Sydney.

”Blockchain played a dominant role in the development of programming, and we look forward to contributing to our progress with our work with Phantom.“

The Phantom aims to realize 300,000 transactions per second at almost no cost and to enable businesses and consumers to easily perform daily transactions in different sectors.

Achieving this goal places Ethereum and EOS according to processing speed and also plans to be more efficient and secure.

Australia is the first support in the Phantom's global expansion plan. In Sydney, he set up an office with 17 percent of software developers.

Among investors invested in Perth Capital of Kosmos. M

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