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As science meets ihir magic, Alex Alex's abdominal wall grows healthy eggs.

Dr Genia Rozen, vice president of Fertility Protection Service at the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne, said it was complicated to put the ovarian tissue back. "We put the tissue back in the ovary or in the abdominal wall near the sidewall of the ovary or near the laparoscopic port areas."

The Royal Women and Melbourne IVF team was the first in 2013 to obtain pregnancy from ovarian tissue grafted out of the ovary on the front abdominal wall of a Victorian woman.

"Technology is still evolving and we are still learning to share international experiences through organizations such as the International Association for the Protection of Productivity," says Rozen.

For Alex, a girl who learns that she has a tumor the size of a shoe that grows in her pelvis has pushed her to think of her future as a mother from a 12 year old world. “The doctor said I need to think about whether I want to have children. I didn't give a second thought..

At the age of 18, he had just finished high school and was looking forward to reviving for his friends and home parties, instead of legally enjoying alcohol, Alex was taking the nasal spray needed for IVF treatment from the refrigerator.

Radiotherapy was recommended because the tumor reduction attempts failed. Before starting the radiation, she spent a tube of IVF by collecting and freezing six eggs in addition to her left ovary as an extra insurance policy. The ovary is stored in thin slices and many of them are thawed and implanted at once.

Leadership coach Alex said he was surreal after undergoing fertility treatment under the age of 20: "I'm glad I'm part of it. I can't believe I'm doing it now as an 18-year-old boy." After menopause since the age of 19, the body produces eggs outside the ovary.

The scientist who helped improve the freezing and thawing process of the tissue. Debra Gook says the freezing of multiple cell types is complicated. Daha More complex than single-celled eggs and embryos.

Isı The success of stimulating hormones depends on the age of the follicles in the tissue during freezing.

Last October, Alex performed a 90-minute procedure to graft frozen tissue. After four and a half months, blood tests showed that hormone levels had changed, and scans showed that in two of the four ovarian skin grafts, egg roots grew in most of them.

Görmek It was completely surreal to see the growth of follicles. It was magical. It blew my mind that my body would get tissue there and start stimulating hormones. ” Unfortunately none of them resulted in a successful pregnancy, unfortunately none of the embryos from his embryos were created and transferred to two embryos following egg retival.

Dr Rozen said a new National Ovarian and Testicular Tissue Transport and Cryopreservation Service (NOTTCS) would allow young women in Australia to access a world-class, comprehensive ovarian tissue freezing service at the Royal Women's Hospital.


Için For young women in Australia, being able to present this is incredibly surprising. The protection of fertility is no longer a luxury. ” Tan After the tissue is re-implanted into the body, a labor-intensive process is underway, but this technology offers the chance to have a baby and is an incredible opportunity. ”

For Alex, the ordeal was worth it, the mother hasn't even realized her dream yet. “We'll just keep going. Discharging materially and physically [but] I feel like I've been trained for this all my life … I feel like I can do it. "

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