Monday , June 27 2022

AirPods 3 and MacBook Pro? What Will Apple’s Next Special Event Unveil?


The next Apple special event has been announced for next Monday, October 18. Here’s what we’re thinking.

When and where?

This is a broadcast keynote, not an in-person event, as has been the case with almost all of Apple’s events for the past two years. Expect high production values, stylish presentations and a wide range of products. You can watch it on YouTube and the Apple TV app.

Date Monday, 10:00 Pacific, 13:00 East, 6:00 UK

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what you can expect

The invitation always gives us clues, even if they become really clear after the event, when you look back at the invitation it makes you say, “Oh yes, of course that’s what they meant”.

This year’s invitation has only one word on it: “Unleashed.” This is accompanied by the Apple logo, which consists of such bright flashes of light reminiscent of the space surrounding Starship Enterprise when it shifts to Warp speed.

Which is the big tip, I’d say.

Rumors suggested that the event would feature the next Mac devices to switch from Intel to Apple Silicon processors. And if nothing else, we learned that the Apple M1 chip has a super speed boost, perhaps like switching from Impulse Drive to Warp Drive in a fictional spaceship.

And after all, these rumors suggest that the second-gen Apple Silicon will be featured in the next Macs called the M1X, so this will be even faster, right?

The current M1 chip is limited to 16GB in RAM support. The boost on the M1X is expected to support 32GB of RAM, which will provide a much faster experience. Released, really.

Of course, these lights could also indicate that the sharp miniLED brightness found in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be found on the screens of the new Mac laptops expected to be released.

It also has a 14-inch display and an updated 16-inch version, as one of them is thought to be a Mac laptop of unprecedented size, its release seems fit for that too.

How about AirPods 3?

I’ll be honest, I can’t see anything resembling AirPods in this invite, but that doesn’t mean the long-awaited AirPods 3 won’t be there. Rumors that it will launch with the iPhone 13 last month, and indeed several before then, are arguably overdue for a refresh of the entry-level AirPods.

If previous reports are to be believed, they will feature a new design that looks more like AirPods Pro, but lacks noise canceling capabilities. Still, they’ll likely be compatible with Spatial Audio. Oh, and they’ll likely be fully integrated with the Find My app, as the AirPods Pro suddenly did.

Another thing?

There are no other expected products yet, but with Apple you never know.

Less than a week until all is revealed.

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