Thursday , August 11 2022

& # 39; League of Legends & # 39; Studio's Next Game Possible Revealed


While the team at Riot Games has long had a more productive future for its titles, it seems to be ready to do so at least in the Riot GameS number, according to the long list. Recently branded names were registered in the studio.

According to Justia brand database, Legends of Runeterra It was in many details that he wondered if the team had been taunted by the whole time. But this is not just a name we have, but a small example of what the newest adventure will bring. From the associated trademarks, this seems to be a pivot from the claim of an MMORPG, the fame of the MOBA type.

What makes this different from previous trademark rumors is that there are records with and without more than nine records so far. League of Legends. Registered trademarks include a filing for goods, e-commerce and computer software. There's even a full logo!

Given that the title is similar to this, League of Legends, It is possible that this is an extension of this disclosure. It makes more sense for those familiar League of Legends Since Runeterra is the home of the champions.

The popular consensus is that this is a bigger game with a different experience for something familiar. However, nothing has been verified by the Riot Games studio yet, so this can only be a filing for a big event. But many fans were begging for RPG experience, so we hope to hope that this is a new game together.

Until now, Riot Games did not accept that the trademark is public and is not ready to explain anything at this time. For now, studio fans must contain themselves League of Legends, Currently available on PC.

What are you hoping for Runeterra League what? Do you expect an RPG or do you think it's another? Sounds in the comments below!

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