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14 unexpected health benefits of orgasm


While an orgasm is not required for sex and masturbation to taste, a few people will deny that it is a great advantage to reach the great O '.

However, beyond just feeling great, an orgasm brings unexpected health benefits that you have no idea about many of them.

Whether you have an orgasm with a partner or with a solo session, orgasms can help you with any kind of stress by reducing stress levels and risk of heart attack, giving your skin a natural glow.

Damian Jacob Sendler, MD, head of the clinical research department at Felnett Health, INSIDER. The founder and director of the Irvine Integrated Medical Group in Irvine, CA, OB-GYN and Dr. Felice Gersh, MD Upcoming alar PCOS SOS: A Gynecologist's Lifeline Line, Getting Your Hormones and Happiness Naturally Back m to learn about the mental and physical health benefits of orgasms.

You will probably enjoy a solid night's sleep.

If you were dragged in peace to sleep after an orgasm, you experienced this powerful advantage firsthand. When we look at his stomach, a lot of hormones are secreted into our brain and hormones that can help fight sleepless nights.

Or Orgasm causes a great deal of muscle relaxation and the release of chemicals that allow the body to rest, Send he said. Especially oxytocin, which is a hormone, is to thank for this blissful feeling. As Gersh told INSIDER, u Orgasms trigger the release of hormone oxytocin, which encourages a sense of peace and tranquility and thus stimulates sleep. G

This dizzying spring in the step after the orgasm is real.

It's not a surprise, but that cheerful, relaxed post-orgasm sensation is creating wonders for general mental health and happiness. Dr. Iyor Orgasms require our body to work at the highest excitation level, Send said Sendler. Dr. Gersh gave credit for the release of oxytocin.

I Once again, the wonderful oxytocin mood was great. Nature demands the realization of reproduction and therefore makes the emotions associated with it pleasurable. "

Not only will you be closer to your spouse, but also to other people in your social orbit.

If you feel that you want to sleep with your partner after reaching orgasm, you can also thank oxytocin for loved ones. But this powerful hormone, not only your sexual partner, but other people in your social environment can help you feel closer.

According to a study conducted by evolutionary psychologists at the University of Michigan and Albright College in Pennsylvania in 2012, ğı more people are more likely to fall asleep after a partner's sexual intercourse, the desire for attachment is stronger Michigan , Daniel Kruger, research fellow at the university, Michigan and co-author of the study.

Ar Oxytocin plays various roles about mood. As successful reproduction requires a peaceful cooperation between family members, it enhances oxytocin, such as touching and embracing, breastfeeding and orgasms, ılı explains Dr. Gersh added that ”the way in which it was stimulated and produced, increased the sense of love and attachment. G

Mark Ellenbogen and Christopher Cardoso, researchers in 2013, examined the effects of oxytocin on the social trajectory outside the bedroom and brought the traditional os war or flight ılar to people's oksit social conflict ın in order to respond to a fight. To escape from it, oxytocin may stimulate the insanlar tendency and companionship “response of people to support after a stressful event. This can strengthen social ties and can be a healthier way of dealing. "

Orgasms can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer in older men.

Regular and frequent ejaculation can help prevent prostate cancer in a ten-year study published in the British Journal of Urology International. This determined that ejaculation at least four times per week could reduce a man's risk of prostate cancer by up to 30%. More than 50 men.

Gersh explains this link to INSIDER: or We know that being sex and orgasm is beneficial in all aspects of men's health. The male reproductive system is regularly used optimally and the prostate belongs to this system. More ejaculation, the better. "

. Ejaculations remove certain prostatic secretions in the urinary tract and are found to be toxic and carcinogenic, or cause cancer.

They can help regulate the menstrual cycle.

According to a 1978 study by the peer-reviewed scientific journal Psychoneuroendocrinology and conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, regular orgasms can help you regulate the menstrual cycle even if you are not in your period.

Abilir The exact mechanism is unknown, but can be connected to the circadian rhythm. [Regular orgasms] Gersh improved his immune health, mental health and possible circadian health. Reseptör We know that the ovaries are very circadian and melatonin receptors, and we respond negatively to inflammation. Regular orgasms will work at all these levels to promote regular cycles, in order to preserve our innate rhythms and lower inflammation. "

They can also help increase fertility.

Regular orgasm can help with fertility, as demonstrated by the 2015 study by researchers at Indiana University. Ti Sexual activity is triggered by physiological changes in the body, which increases the chances of becoming pregnant even when a woman is outside her ovulation window “; this shows that the orgasm benefits at any point in your fertility cycle.

A publication by the School of Public Health at the University of California, University of California, Berkeley, according to a 2015 article in Berkeley Wellness, & The health benefits of Orgasms may also include the possibility of becoming pregnant. An idea is to draw vaginal and cervical contraction in the sperm during orgasm. Women with orgasm were found to have more sperm in their cervical mucus. "

. The effect of orgasm on fertility is truly astonishing by supporting a healthy immune system,. Gershin told INSIDER. Regular orgasms keep the immune system working with the right organization during different phases of the menstrual cycle to optimize the successful fertilization and implantation of the embryo. And this process is facilitated by frequent sexual intercourse even when there is no ovulation. "

Orgasms can also help in the terrible cold and flu season.

The fastest way to get rid of this cold can be found on the shelves in the local pharmacy as well as in the bedroom.

In a German study conducted in 2004, they found that 11 men immediately after sexual arousal and masturbating directly to the climax increased white blood cells, helping to protect your body from diseases and infectious diseases.

However, the benefits are not just for men – the research conducted by Indiana University in 2015 indicates that sexually active women are değ greater changes in helper T cells; that help the body to mobilize the cells in need of the disease to fight against foreign invaders causing disease and disease Ancak It showed. .

"There are a few things that can help improve immunity," he added. First, orgasm stimulates the release of immunological antibodies that increase immunity. Second, orgasm improves the flow of lymph that drains the sources of infection around the body, making it healthier all year round.

It can also increase your threshold for pain and alleviate pain.

Whether you're struggling with menstruation cramps or a headache that doesn't work, the orgasm can direct you to feel better. In a 2013 study from Munster University in Germany, a link between sexual activity and headaches and migraines was observed. 60% of respondents reported an improvement in the migraine attack and 70% of the well-known endorphins at the peak release of well-felt hormones.

These benefits are closely linked to the above mentioned benefits of immunization. Dr. Gersh us “Orgasm sub stress bize [and improve sleep]. Together this may affect perceived pain [through] By modulating the pain sensitization pathways and modulating the immune system to lower levels of inflammation, [thus] Reduce pain levels. "

Orgasms can help keep your brain sharp.

The flooding of hormones secreted in an orgasm sends a ton of messages throughout your body, especially in women, by increasing brain activity. A 2013 study by Rutgers University researchers showed that orgasm during masturbation caused the brain to appear in the cortical, subcortical and brainstem regions of the brain.

As Gersh adds, c By improving sleep, reducing stress and improving socialization, the brain will benefit from orgasm sosyal and i these benefits are stronger than challenging puzzles. G

Your stress level will decrease.

Although an orgasm initially brings a flood of stress hormones from your body, studies have shown that the resulting effect shows reduced stress levels.

Dr. According to Gersh, the hormone ıtım benefits is an anxiolytic and hereditary agent G. Reduced stress is an tı evolutionary answer um, v As a result, we say that we are trying to reproduce orgasms into our body. When we look at the biological perspective, the most important function of our body is eating, reproduction and sleep. "

Dı After an orgasm, our body received the message that we made our biological responsibility to attempt reproduction. Most people attribute stress to stress after stressful physical exercise after stress, while real causes lie in nature. "

Regular orgasm can also benefit your heart.

Your heart keeps you up, but you could never tie a big heartbeat to the big O, right? Regular sexual activity, however, can greatly benefit your heart's health and can help reduce cardiovascular risk in older men and women.

A 2016 study published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior showed that sexuality and sexual frequency reduce hypertension and rapid heart rate in people over 65 years of age.

Similarly, a study published in the American Journal of Cardiology in 2010 found that men participating in regular sexual activity were lower than those who did not have a risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

The post-post glow is also real.

If you notice that your skin is more radiant and radiant, you can thank the increased blood flow from your orgasm.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and if you are under stress, a wilt can be shown with a stressful skin. However, when you reach the climax, it opens blood vessels all over the body and helps to stimulate collagen production and gives you an unhealthy look.

Collagen is what causes skin to melt and rejuvenate, so orgasms help make the skin look the best. Dr. As Gersh states, ild Everything that develops the soul and sleep and reduces stress is the benefit of the skin geliştir, the weakest and cheapest way of orgasm, transforms it into a magnificent skin.

Orgasms can help boost your self-esteem.

When you feel that you are in harmony with your sexual needs and desires, you can understand why your self-esteem may be higher, but it is a proven link between sexual health and self-esteem.

In 2011, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that sexual pleasure among young adults (aged 18 to 26) was linked to # self-esteem, autonomy and empathy c and 39 healthy psychological and social development 2011. Especially among the youngest women. Adena Galinsky, who was the author of higher levels of empathy, showed a higher level of empathy, stating that bildirim Our hypothesis is that empathic individuals are more sensitive to the needs of a partner and therefore initiate a positive feedback loop ortak.

Gersh told INSIDER: ID There is a strong interaction between one's self-esteem and sexual health. Of course, [the effect is] The circular, therefore, the ability to easily achieve orgasm improves self-esteem, which makes it easier to get to orgasm. "

They can even help you live longer.

Both experts agreed that the benefits of orgasm extend throughout one's life and may even extend your life.

A four-year Welsh study examined 918 men between the ages of 45 and 59 and found that those with a lar high orgasm frequency 45 reduced the risk of mortality by 50%. Men who had two or more orgasms a week died half of the men who had orgasms less than once a month and proved that erkek sexual activity has a protective effect on the health of men Haf.

As for women: in 1921 it was led by Stanford psychologist Lewis Terman and Howard S. Friedman Ph.D. Throughout the eight-year study on married heterosexual couples held in 2011 by. As part of The Longevity Project, researchers have found a link between orgasm, health and longevity, especially in women who often have an orgasm, who live longer than their female counterparts.

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