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Yasmín Corti explained the details of his romance with Cabré: "We weren't boyfriends, but we & # 39; n love you".

The dancer who met the player candyHe talked about how their relationship began and what they planned together.

Yasmín Corti announces details of his romance with Cabré
Yasmín Corti announces details of his romance with Cabré

Bleached Romance Laurita Fernández with Nicolás Cabrélate confession surprised Yasmin Corti: The dancer said that she had a relationship with the actor when she worked Candy, the same working environment resulting in a bold presentation with our former partner Federico Bal, until engaged

Yasmín, who was disturbed to leave the Sugar theater season in Mar del Plata, elaborated more on his emotional ties with Cabré. "I met Nicolas in the summer of 2017, because we both had a season in Villa Carlos Paz. I was in Carmen's big magazine and El Quilombero. Then, Sugar's choreographer Gustavo Wons called me and he wanted me to help Nico with choreography, while the rest of the players rehearsed in Buenos Aires. He created a beautiful trust relationship, because we spent a lot of time together. on a related note Soon.

"We didn't have the title of your boyfriends, but I wasn't a darling nor a touch and I was gone, I felt loved and I wanted it … I was just with it".

Then, he explained that the actor had ended his relationship with the singer. Josefina Silveyra: "He didn't go out to tell me he was leaving, I didn't want to go in the middle of a couple, we had things and things we did because we had things to fix, and then I chose to get away." We didn't have the title of your male friends, but I wasn't a darling, not a touch, and I was gone. I felt loved and I wanted him … I was just with him. "

Conceived in secret love frustration, Corti remembered the months very well with Nicolás: "They were beautiful, we always said that we were looking for a sincere bond and telling each other everything. I love you & # 39; we said. I was excited and hoping we could have something else when we stopped working together. But not that I'm crazy for making me feel. Maybe I was pure. I'm engaged. We saw each other at home because he doesn't want to show himself; I've adapted to their needs. "

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