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With the priest, black, feminist and HIV, Phumzile Mabizela opposes all prejudices in South Africa – 11/24/2018


Tanrı I am an African theologian who believes women are created by the image of God, im says Phumzile Mabizela, a popular black and feminist supporter of South Africa, who has been living with HIV for 20 years. Battle from the Church to break gender imprints and those carrying the AIDS virus.

Mabizela, based in Johannesburg, is the executive director of the international and interconfessional organization. Inerela +A network of religious leaders who are personally affected or personally affected by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and AIDS.

"We use our own stories to transform our churches and give hope to people living with HIV, so when you see someone like me, Find out you can live a full life."He explains.

A warrior (Efe)

A warrior (Efe)

When the virus was diagnosed in 1999, the woman had been devoted and dedicated to Christian theology for more than a decade.

Although the reports were initially left "devastated", it took him a short time to decide to go. convert this blow to a positive toolnot only to improve the quality of life of others affected and prevented, but also To change the prism where churches are looking at this problem.

Or In my opinion, when we became aware of HIV, it was described as a moral issue and, of course, something that resulted in death, “he says.

. It is not true that those living with HIV are very mixed or we have many couples eyalet This is not true, ın he emphasizes the respect born during the birth of a regiment in a ghetto in the state of Kuvezu-Natal. racial discrimination.

Now he is the director of Inerela + and programs in twenty countries in Africa and Latin America, channel the ability of religious leaders to influence the breaking of these stigmas and to show that HIV is a "manageable situation".



Kil There are problems that make people more vulnerable, such as poverty, and we need to explore and identify the factors that make people more susceptible to HIV and AIDS, and I think that churches should understand this. doesn't help people blameHowever, it is important to learn to love people living with HIV, to support and support them in the way they want. Ancak

But this is not the only fight front that reverend, but turned into South Africa. The reference of the movements questioning the religious discourse that puts women in an inferior position compared to men.

To begin with, Mabizela coincides with the defining theories. Jesus Christ as "feminist" The Bible was hidden by the patriarchal reading for centuries.

"This is a challenge: when we raise our voice about who we are in the eyes of God, the environment, or The church refuses you because you talk a lot. But we have learned that some of them did so to disrupt the narrative that men are superior and more like God.

Phumzile Mabizela - up, right - with other religious references. (

Phumzile Mabizela – up, right – with other religious references. (

"By virtue of their authority, religious leaders choose which messages are popularized, but when you use & # 39; or & # 39; HIV lens & # 39; [racial]You get a completely different message. And all these messages are in the same Bible. "He adds.

Unlike the "traditional" readings of the Bible, when he preached, " salvation"and" remember that they have no reason to disdain, for they have also been created in the image of God.

Her feminist vision is concerned with gender and class issues, but also adds to the nature of the race that exists in movements such as-African American womanhood zam. It also belongs to the African context with the note.

He says: "We chose to share our own stories and use the lens of feminism, we have our own theology".

source: Nerea González / EFE.

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