Monday , June 27 2022

Wilde Hospital carries out prevention and healthy practices.


The first day, the theme of the thesis was Healthy Eating.
Among other topics,
diet reduced salt, balanced combination of foods
each meal layer and adequate physical activity
Daily routine for the correct assimilation of nutrients. Coordination
The licenses were under the responsibility of Mirta Korzeniewski and Lorena Vogliazzo.

Days later, the subject of speech was diabetes;
The level of glucose in the blood is also
blood sugar, too high. On this occasion,
The recommendations pointed out a lot for prevention – for example,
avoid sedentary lifestyle, overweight and obesity –
Early diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

During the conversation, readings were made from different packages.
food products, raising awareness about the importance of it
Practical and thus can directly make decisions with impact on

"I learned the networks that made this conversation and decided to join me.
I liked it because I learned what I wanted to know and I think
to follow, because there are many people who do not know its importance
prevent diabetes, "said Gertrudis, an upcoming neighborhood neighbor
Testify to the conversation.

Different activities related to interviews and healthy practices
they can be periodically arranged, consulted on social networks.
Eduardo Wilde Hospital.

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