Thursday , February 25 2021

Why they want WhatsApp’s rival Telegram removed from the App Store | Chronicle

With the migration of millions of users Whats up Those who migrate from the platform due to discussions over changes in privacy policies Telegram It became one of the top earners as many people moved to this new app. But it’s not all good news. Do they ask in the united states apple You remove Telegram from your app store.

The nonprofit organization “Safe Web Coalition” went to the United States federal court and condemned its application. It houses extremist groups, such as members of the Parler network that launched the attack on the Capitol in early January.

Marc ginsbergCoalition for a Safe Web head accused Telegram of being a service used by white supremacists, neo-Nazis and hate speech; this is something the App Store rejects in its terms and conditions.

Apple and Telegram have not yet responded to the complaint filed by Coalition for a Secure Web.

WhatsApp’s answer

Before the users flight, WhatsApp posted on their Twitter account: “We want to handle some rumors and be 100% clear: we continue to protect your private messages with end-to-end encryption.”. Likewise, WhatsApp’s general manager Will Cathcart also posted a message on the subject.

-WhatsApp cannot see your private messages or listen to your calls, nor can Facebook.

– WhatsApp doesn’t keep track of who called or texted.

– WhatsApp cannot see your shared location, nor can Facebook.

-WhatsApp groups are kept secret.

You can make your messages disappear.

-You can download your data.

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