Thursday , February 25 2021

Why Israel is the world leader in vaccination

Spain awarded 23 million doses of two approved vaccines, the Pfizer vaccine and the Moderna vaccine, which is expected to vaccinate 11 million people; However, the vaccination rate in our country, which is most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, Slow compared to Israel or UAE.

According to the latest data published on the Oxford University’s Our World in Data website, Israel has already vaccinated 25% of its population; It’s a much higher figure than other countries like Mexico, France or China. The vaccination rate in the United Arab Emirates, which ranks second in this ranking, is 15%.

The staggering numbers of Israel’s two million vaccinated citizens went unnoticed by experts. Among the reasons that highlight the country in the vaccination race, strong health systemAccording to research by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is one of the best in the world. It is a hybrid system in which the state subsidizes some of the healthcare for Israelis who must enroll in one of four healthcare providers (called HMOs).

Digitalization and preventive medicine

Large digitization and investment in preventive medicine These are some of the features of this healthcare system that have allowed Israel to achieve a good vaccination rate, but they are not the only: the country’s government launched an awareness campaign among the population weeks before it started administering doses. . Actually Prime MinisterIsrael, Benjamin Netanyahu becomes first Israeli to receive the vaccine on December 19. “I wanted to be the first personal example and encourage everyone to get vaccinated,” he told the media.

Why Israel is the world leader in vaccination

For his part, United Arab Emirates (UAE)First Arab country to launch vaccination campaign. As elsewhere, priority is given to people over the age of 60, those with chronic illnesses and healthcare professionals.

In this case, extensive distribution, for example to vaccinate its population with vast areas provided in the city of Dubai, allowed the country to take second place. Also the fact that residents of the capital Abu Dhabi started receiving the Sinopharm vaccine at the beginning of December with an efficiency of 86%.

United States top ranking

Despite the vaccination campaign TO US Starting at a much slower pace than expected, the country has been up and running in recent days, applying the coronavirus drug to 3.4% of its population, ranking only fifth. Behind Israel, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and United Kingdom.

France, on the opposite side

Among the last positions of this classification France. The neighboring country vaccinated only 0.49% of its population, which caused a lot of criticism against the Government of Emmanuel Macron, and in particular, Minister of Health Oliver Véran. “At this pace, we’ll still be here 5,000 years from now,” said former Health Director General William Dab about current vaccine numbers. Regardless, the French Administration maintains its goal To vaccinate 26 million citizens before summer.

Although the vaccination campaign in Spain did not follow the expected rhythm, another step was taken this Friday to advance the vaccination of the population. A total of 676,186 doses were administered, of which 59.3% were taken. According to Our World in the data, 1.45% of Spaniards are vaccinated and our country ranks sixth after Italy and other countries listed above.

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