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Why does Santiago del Moro leave America?


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December 6, 2018

The driver will no longer be in front incurable After 10 years, he will leave the channel. However, it has not yet closed into another signal.

Santiago del Moro In recent years it has achieved tremendous growth and most of this is due to its great work in America. But, After 10 years the famous driver will leave the channelhe will also serve as president incurable, and 21 December will be the last day.

News announced by Adrían Pallares portal teleshowand Santiago del Moro held a mutual agreement with the channel on Tuesday to organize a meeting. As approved by the sources America for pipe, checkout done "Excellent conditions"and clarified: "Santiago felt the end of a cycle."

For this reason, the driver will not return to the driver next year. incurableAfter a few months of talks with Palermo, his separation was already defined.

The most romantic publication of Santiago Del Moro

Despite this news, some expressions from the driver's circle have also been expressed, indicating that the driver has not yet completed an upcoming project, but this is more for a personal decision.

Journalist in mid-2018 Ángel de Brito I waited for this possible departure: "He wants to make fun. The most powerful offer you have is Telefe. For prime time."

Santiago del Moro was back in the channel in 2008 and he infame. This allowed her to hold on to television and due to her success in the cycle of demonstrations, In 2014 he made the jump to get into Incurable.

Person who left the program a few days ago María Julia Olivanand the driver made the decision.

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