Tuesday , May 17 2022

Who affected millions of passwords in Instagram? | life style


Privacy is one of the biggest concerns of social network users, because the information shared is often very sensitive. It's something that reminds me of accidental emergence as a result of a failure, knowing that by now users have earned millions of passwords in their accounts. It was my own Instagram users with a password, so they can change the password as soon as possible. The failure is related to the "View data in account" function.

Error caused by compliance with RGPD

Last April added function to see account data for Instagram Comply with RGPD The data protection of the European Union includes all data related to the owner of the Account.

If you are affected by a breach of security, Instagram will be in contact with or emailed to you via email.

Comments, photos, publications and more like data. This error has occurred when Instagram users' passwords are shown in plain text in the URL, so it was easy to know this password. A process that has finally been carried out to download the data stored by the social network has become a stream of users private data. If you are affected by this failure, Instagram will send you an email You're calling to change your password. Otherwise, breathe.

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