Sunday , November 29 2020

What's new with Barreto: "Vaccines do not treat us, they are part of our death" | The Diary of Cuyo

Gisela Barretose made a topic sensitive to public health.

A viral video of the old model of sexual theory against vaccination after communicating with a glass of water. He is campaigning against legal abortion. Barreto, backed by Chinda Brandolino, said the vaccines were "terrible" and produced autism.

"You are listening to everything the vaccines do and you are horrified, tetanus vaccine, according to the doctor, we can apply, children are organized by the health officials," he said.

He then said that public policies were part of a plan that parç forces children to vaccination when they need to volunteer, say, yes or no, according to what they are investigating Daha. Hedef The aim of the new world order is eugenics. and the vaccine, the people want to destroy and control, "he said.

As if that was not enough, Barreto was also encouraged to emphasize another negative impact of vaccines. "They reduce the intellectual level of our children, they go directly to children's life in the early years of the brain, vaccines such as measles produce autism in children, it is proved."

With a vision of doom, he said, "we are facing a biological war." "They want to destroy us at all costs, under the cover of compassion, which tells us they are helping us with vaccines and drugs."

I don't want you to get the vaccine, but I'm starting to investigate. Videos on the Internet. It happened to me, I've spent to gruyoe and it was the toughest winter. When a patient wants a body, rest, healthy eating and water. I'm obviously going to go to the doctor and do an iso.

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