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We speak with Fabio Arena (Huawei)


Fabio Arena Huawei

In 2012, with the launch of Huawei's first P-series, no one was able to predict the company's growth over the years. The passion and commitment to innovation made Huawei the two-footer to position itself as the second producer on earth. Above Apple. Huawei Mate 20 Pro The best mobile phone of the year 2018and Huawei P20 Pro enjoyed introducing an entire trend in Android. Night mode supported by AI.

As community members technologyWe hope that the key to this growth is how and why EMUI and Kirin can be accomplished with the help of their own processor. future plans of the company. That's why we talked. Fabio Arena, Product Manager in Huawei Consumo España, to learn the firm's perspective on the aforementioned issues. The company is committed to Artificial Zekaya as the main trench.and to decompose with a hardware – software combination that is completely on its own from the rest of its competitors.

Huawei on the way to the top 1: We talked to Fabio Arena, Product Director

10 years of continuous growth

Huawei P8 Lite with camera and flash

When we look at the data published by the company, we see a rising trend since 2011. Recently, we are publishing that Huawei is planning to rank first in world sales in 2020. What were the key points of this growth?

At this point and no doubt, commitment to innovation, our partnerships with customers (operators and other Retailers) and customer service. HUAWEI is an reaksiyon Asian giant dev that combines incredible reaction capabilities with state-of-the-art technology. Even before the market, it was generally acceptable. In recent years, we have trusted our main customers and have managed to offer our products a range of possibilities, we have seen that we have one or more devices for each customer and at the same time we are making a great improvement in quality. Price that allows us to position ourselves in the Premium range currently awarded "Smart phone of the year" is something that has never happened and the continuous efforts of evolution / innovation. One of the most important factors was partnerships with different brands (see Leica, Porsche Design, Google, Amazon, Pantone,), which enabled us to see the brand as a smarter concept.

What distinguishes Huawei from the rest of the existing companies?

I'm going back to the previous point, commitment to passion and innovation This allows us to create disruptive products that set trends. A clear example is the P20 Pro, a three-device Leica camera device that we can prove this. Not related to marketingBut the benefits and photographic possibilities are one step ahead.
Our experience in telecommunications (as a leading provider of networks and services globally) reinforces our history and To know the needs of the market better. Besides, we are one of the few global manufacturers manufactures and markets its own chipsetsThus, we benefit from our technology and integrate it into the product umbrella. Things like how to make our chip set the most powerful battery life system on the market and the fastest load developed in our own laboratories without relying on third parties.


We know that Honor works independently from Huawei, but is there a problem in the presence of the second company to build mid-high-end terminals considering the price-quality ratio and hardware similarities?

Honor really works independently with its structure and strategy. On the contrary, it does not cause any discomfort for us; Creates a symbiosis against competition. Honor (as his own strategy) marked a customer profile as very "his" and got another completely different from HUAWEI. An obvious example is: Some do not want a Nike, asking for Converseand vice versa (and connected to the same umbrella).

Huawei smartphones from inside


Talking about Huawei, talking about EMUI, which is part of the firm's DNA. What added value really contributes to more "clean" alternatives, such as the Android One?

For us EMUI is our operating system. We know that our entire portfolio is Android, but we're globally talking about EMUI as a base, because we have a special section of-gearing up Yazılım between hardware and software, and we've allowed us to position ourselves today: "Android brand with lowest failure rate"This shows that the customer experience is very successful. At our terminals, we offer more or less favorite user experiences (this is a very personal thing, and it is impossible to please everyone), but it is evident over the years. EMUI has developed very positively and the operation is outstanding (I still put it as an example with a P8 lite and the fluid runs without any interruption, obviously considering hardware limitations and system requirements for existing applications)

Huawei has been playing bets on Kirin for years in both the middle and upper class. What is the reason for this distance of Qualcomm?

We're going back to the previous one. hardware / software integration strategy Since the beginning it has worked very well and it showed the integrity and consistency of the company to make bets on its methods. Qualcomm is a big company with some big processors, in fact we have your chips and maybe in the future our own equipment gives us a very good user experience and tells us what is our way …

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the new columns of Huawei, especially in photography. However, we sometimes recognize the presence of a little more responsible agent than the overloading of images and very little of the actual value. What is the goal of Huawei with AI and how do you plan to improve it in the future?

That's right We position ourselves in direct connection with the brandand this is a great job from the MKT team, which has a clear AI strategy for ine owning AI the concept and achieving that brand-to-technology link. We are one of the 3 most important technological companies in the development of AI, and this is extraordinary.

Much more than satisfying the image, we were able to integrate a system capable of recognizing approximately 4.000 images per minute, indicating that our smartphones are adapting to these conditions. It's true that the image gets a more "vibrant" color, but It is not something that a user can implement when uploading photos to preferred networks.. We have a high percentage of users who are applying photos to filters, and better, a type of filter that matches a finished photo with a more colorful photo. WOW.
On the other hand, we managed to identify trends and position ourselves. "Best night photography" With the AI ​​application that detects that the smartphone is held free, and the integrity of the scene, ISO (up to 108000 never seen before) poses for 3-5 seconds long. Excellent light compensation.

Among other things, AI was applied applies automatic portrait Users do not have to be aware of or have to worry about choosing modes, as is our wide-ranging technology in the Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro, which recommends us shooting with wide-angle if appropriateor, if you zoom in on the lens, the Supermacro, which appears automatically, is recommended to obtain the most versatile photos without the user having to know.

Continues with photo theme. What exactly is involved in collaboration with the senior Leica and how can you integrate the practical German company with Huawei?

When I returned to the above, this alliance with Leica from the HUAWEI P9 enabled us to advance the groundbreaking functions of the time and, above all, without following any awakening. We have apply our own systems Monochrome mode, like Super Zoom, Night Mode, SuperMacro çılık All this comes from an alliance that started with P9 and evolved with the wisdom of a leader in photography such as Leica. He helped and provided resources for all his photographic novelties Smartphones such as the P20 Pro or Mate 20 Pro produce smartphones with better camera and multi-directional devices that set the trend (more importantly) in smartphone photography and later (more importantly). technology


From a perspective for tomorrow

As users refuse to pay close to four for a smartphone, other companies are beginning to centralize efforts in the middle class. Will Huawei continue to bet on the premium segment or increase access ranges?

We have weekly sales data at the country level, one of the things that happened: The most increasing segments are between € 200-400 and + € 600 to € 1000.As in the last 2 years to continue to be the kings of the middle range (and accordingly, One year a very strong bet). However, we've spent years in this segment increasing sales segments as much as we can sell up to 500 units, 600, 900 and now with Mate 20 Pro up to 1049 & # 39; There are 3 producers and we are growing up there … 3 years ago we have managed to justify anyone's imagination and commitment to innovation. Let's say "Easy" in this industry is to sell terminals 100-200-300 € But the cost to be reached is + 600 €, because there is a lot of innovation and investment required to win the trust of consumers and settle your brand before you come from someone else.

Do you expect a stable trend in the market, or do you think some companies will slow down and slow down Huawei?

As you know, the company's goal led the industry worldwide by 2020we're working every day, and we're also maintaining incredible increases in volume and volume, so we're counting on continuing to work to achieve our goal, but always on the ground with your feet and humilityThis is the company and one of the weapons that characterizes this Asian culture. Every brand entering this market is open to clear and diversify both the brand and the main retailers. In fact, it should not stop innovation and the intensity of evolution.

What are the major future plans of Huawei, except for growth and growth?

Contact better and more people to bring our technology to more people. Integration of our 5G networks, listen to our customers, continue to pamper After sales service and of course keep betting R & D investment This allows us to continue to be a criterion for leading and comparing the innovations of the industry.

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