Saturday , June 25 2022

Watch this Amazing Launch of the Soyuz Rockets from Space


A new video from the European Space Agency demonstrates the spectacular launch of the Soyuz rocket.

The video was captured by the ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst, and the Russian Progress MS-10 cargo spacecraft was removed from the Soyuz rocket on November 16th. The spaceship was carrying food and supplies for astronauts in the International Space Station and used fuel to re-supply the ISS. . The spaceship bore 5.653 lb of material and fuel.

The expired image intensifies its 15-minute launch into just one and a half-minute video. Soyuz-FG rocket booster separation, the core phase separation, returns to Earth after using the core and fuel that burn in the atmosphere, and finally show the Progress spacecraft that leaves the rocket and approaches orbit. ISP.

Two days later, the rocket flies 17.900 miles per hour, 249 miles from the Earth, before entering the nest.

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