Friday , June 24 2022

Viral: Woman with her big cat to imitate the epic scene by & # 39; The Lion King & # 39; uses | Face | Fb | Lion King | Disney | Simba | Mufasa | animals | social networks | trends


Excitement after the release of the first fragment "Lion King"In this Disney-classic, little Simba is forced to become a lion to save his father's throne when he ceases to be a puppy and is betrayed.

To see the first progress of this film, millions of people filled with nostalgia have had great emotions. This has produced several videos that show his feelings for this new film. However, after a user revived the scenes of this new film, he won the applause of thousands of people and was applauded by thousands of people for this detail.

As explained to us by a shared image on Facebook, a young woman was very excited with the new trailer.Lion KingNel He had no better idea than recreating one of the scenes of this emotional trailer with the pet.

Shared picture Facebookwe can see how the woman grows her little cat that, when she presented in front of all the animals, she adopted a pose very simer to Simba when she was reared by Rafiki.

The photo of this recreation was shared on Facebook and in just a few hours the great similarities between feline and little lion were amazing. We can see how little people are in the image kitten The owner of the camera holds the owner in his hand and shows to the entire user community who applauds the beauty of the cat.

"They are identical", "What a beautiful animal", "Both beautiful"; some of the comments that could be saved from these publications Facebook, already with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments social network

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