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[VIDEO] I followed the passage of Mercury living in front of the sun | Cuyo's Diary

This Monday, November 11th, 9.30-15. Visible from many parts of the world (including Argentina), An astronomical phenomenon that will not be repeated until 2023: the transit of Mercury. The planet passes in front of the sun and can be seen from the earth. El Leoncito Astronomical Complex (Casleo) under UNSJ, It broadcasts live and directly.

In the great San Juan, There are two areas arranged to observe the phenomenon with special telescopes.

One of these American Pedestrian Master (Av. Liberator and Sarmiento), up to 16. The meeting was held with the participation of people from different schools who would like to attend free and free admission. There are solar telescopes at the same time that astronomers at the Felix Aguilar Observatory will explain the phenomenon. Smaller ones at the observation point can also describe the experience of this experience among other points of interest.

Other San Juan National University is located in CUIM gardens, In the center of Rivadavia. there, From 11 to 12, The Faculty of Sciences' Extragalactic Astronomy Cabinet will be equipped with sunscreens, dark cameras and a suitable telescope to safely monitor the phenomenon.

It should be remembered, To observe this event, yes or yes you need special eye protection, Looking directly at the sun can cause serious irreversible damage to your vision, and can even cause blindness-related injuries. Therefore, to enjoy the correct representation of this nature, x-ray, smoked glasses, all kinds of sunglasses, photo negatives and so on. It is very important not to use. No direct method observation method is safe.

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