Wednesday , October 20 2021

Vidal made another difference | Santiago Cantón refused …


Ve Political leaders should accept ethical principles and not be conducted by surveys, anket said Santiago Cantón, Human Rights Secretary of Buenos Aires Province. Maria Eugenia Vidal & # 39; s management to explain why the administration does not. Solid rule regulation for security forces supported by President Mauricio Macri and Minister Patricia Bullrich. "The protocol of the federal security forces does not comply with the principles set out by the United Nations, so the use of firearms is being diluted and uncertain, which creates a dangerous premise for citizenship."

As soon as the debate was started by Bullrich's regulations, they implied that they would not be imitated by Governor Vidal in the province. The explanation was that it was as hot as a state and as big as Buenos Aires and with a lot of power, the trigger could lead to an unpredictable scenario. However, until yesterday, the official voice did not approve. He did Santiago Cantón and under extremely difficult conditions. They knew this from the office, confirming it with Vidal's approval.

. The protocol proposed by the secretariat gives the impression that there is a risk for everyone, and they are getting closer to the polls, rather than the moral principles that society needs to guide in opinion polls, "he said. IACHR's Human and former head of Infobae portal. In particular, he emphasized the moment of social tension not only in the country but in the world. Edi There is a social polarization in which values ​​are withdrawn before xenophobia and anti-Semitism emerge, “he added. The Canton, on the other hand, warned that the province should not comply with the protocol because it already has a special law regulating the actions of the Buenos Aires Police.

Ón There is a law that has been in use since 2006, which governs the use of police weapons, which are very up to date. The Security Act Cristian Ritondo, we will work with this law and with our training and training. this is a good attempt to combine criteria related to federal powers. bu

Beyond the special considerations on the protocol, the fact is that Governor Vidal likes to show a profile different from the Macri government for a while, which is an indication of presidential intentions for some. For example, the governor announced that for the employees of the province of Buenos Aires it would pay 7,000 pesos at the end of the year, 2,000 pesos at the national level, and 3500 pesos for state retirees and retirees. They get less than ten thousand pesos.

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