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Valeria Mazza: "I don't feel less about a woman because a man makes me proud with certain attitudes"


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Feminism is an issue that always leads to debate, and these days,

Valeria Mazza

It was the eye of the storm. first
Every afternoon in the program, his friend Maju Lozano & from
After lunch with Mirtha Legrand, the model did not hesitate to tell what he was thinking. Invited
PH: We can talkHe was responsible for announcing certain statements circulating in the press last week.

"I did not explain, we were talking among women, among friends … I went to Maju's program, I was talking to Paraná from kindergarten to partners and women. Women, I'm women," he explained. "With all the love in the world, their rights, I said that I am in favor of justice, but I think we are not equal to men, I am in favor of the struggle, but I am not devoid of womanhood."

Valeria talked about how his words resonated. "The controversial words appeared in one place, people who started to express their ideas, but the truth was that in my opinion, 98% of the comments I saw were in favor of what I said." I don't think it's scary to talk about femininity. "I think we think people are too aggressive with any problem, everything is controversial, that it's not a good time, that we're defensive, that we believe in diversity, that everything, and that I can talk."

"I'm telling you, I love gentleman a man and I don't feel bad or bad if a man opens the door for me." My opinion is, bir You don't think I can't iy, my attitude is bir Thank you. Endi I love gentleman, romantic, I don't feel less about a woman because a man makes me proud with certain attitudes Benim. “I think it's a habit, education, a matter of good taste and if you don't like it, don't accept it, perfect.“

The model acknowledged that we knew we were living in a macho community. "Women have won many wars, but we still have a lot to fight, if you look back, 30 or 50 years ago, women in this society had a completely different role," he said. "Today women play a more active role and have more, it's great and because they have wars, revolutions, and much more."

Upon the question of Andy Kusnetzoff, Valeria mentioned an anecdote about what he told at his desk in Mirtha.
After giving birth, she showed that she wanted the photographs before pregnancy to help her save the figure. "Ale went and he said to me, 'Look, it must be like that & I laughed because it looks so funny, funny.' "He wasn't a tyrant, no matter what, I enjoyed my pregnancy very much, I gained 20 pounds each, and then I made the train to be good and get back to work, but he didn't demand anything from me".

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