Sunday , November 29 2020

Unbelievable! Carolina Losada recalled when she turned down an offer from Luis Miguel: “It was a little innocent.”

Carolina losada is a journalist and panelist «Stubborn«, The program propagated by America TV. Besides, every night Baby Etchecopar shows its most serious profile, in which it stands out with its analysis and share of information. Hours ago, communicator «We can talk PH«, Referring program Andy Kusnetzoff, where he remembers where video “How is it possible to be with me” Luis Miguel.

While the footage of the video played on the screen, Carolina gave details on this. “I was so embarrassed when this video came out. It took me a long time to realize that I was. On the one hand, it was great to have made a video with Luis Miguel. He was at his home in Acapulco and the truth is that the experience was incredible, ”he said in the first place.

Then, Carolina losada He apologized for some irregularity in his steps. “I’m always uncoordinated with the rest because there was a giant monitor but I couldn’t see myself. So without seeing me, I couldn’t see where the others were going. He followed a choreography he taught me. ”Meanwhile, the television panelist touched on the way to be. Luis Miguel. “It was really good, I can’t say anything bad. “I remember that you came in Mexico with all the ‘guards’ as they said to the guards and came while teaching me the choreography, which is stupid but the choreographer was explaining it to me.

In one of the moments of the recording, the communicator came face to face with the famous artist. “He’s coming, he’s coming, and I was a little nervous because he was Luis Miguel. Then he said to me, ‘Oh, you are from Argentina, I have a lot of friends in your country. And I cut it off, I say: ‘Well, let’s see, can you show me how this is?’ Then he showed me what choreography looked like. Very cool! “He remembered.

After you finish recording the video, Carolina losada received an incredible offer from Luis Miguelhe refused him anyway. “At one point, when we finished, someone from his team came and asked if I wanted to go with them. He told me that Micky asked if he wanted to go on a tour of the United States because he said. At first, because it’s a little naive, ‘Oh yeah, that’s good! But what should I do? ‘Because I have no idea… Then he said to me,’ No, nothing. Come with us and let’s have a great time. ‘And I already told him,’ No, thank you ‘”he finished.

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