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Un-Díaz with all Luzzi – 11/25/2018


14 drunk. 22, who is crazy; 45, wine. And in 17 years, there were years in the URBA Top 12 that were not graduates: the club had the misfortune on their shoulders. He was brushing the glass five times, but he always ran away a little. In 2011, he lost extra time with the SIC; Last year, after a very negative beginning, a stenosis of 27-20 to the Hindu. Tortuguitas had waited, and in a year of patience and righteous vengeance, they took a righteous revenge (to the play-off from the window), but in the hand-hand duels, they showed a personality and a great defense. In addition, he described the scepter of albirrojos Joaquín Díaz Luzzi: The wizard was vitally important in the 19 minutes, including 26 minutes to try and stop four minutes with Don Torcuato when they strangled them.

"Last year we had different circumstances. We started losing 20-0 and it's very hard to turn it into a team like Turkey. This time we decided to start from scratch and start with the last one, without stopping to do what everyone should do," he said.

Champion Alumni celebration.

As in 2017, it was the first Hindu in the final. This time it was directed by Santiago Van der Ghote and Nahuel Neyra (both champions in 2001). I left him plus for a breach of each and a scrum push (forcing a penalty try), plus the goal of Diaz Luzzi went 16-0 in 30 minutes. At the end of the first stage, Don Torcuato's discounts were made.

Previously, it was known that the Hindu would react and that Martín Cancelliere's intervention gave him back. He could do so even after the yellow of Máximo Provenzano, but Alumni endured his defense, his flag in the playoffs, his goal to complete.

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Uk Over the years, many of us have played important games and we knew how to adapt to the pressures and nerves. They want it and they want it, they want it, and they all deserve it, but what we're trying to do is show something better in the field than the opponent. It was a long process, "said Tobías Moyano, winner of the eighth.

A special note for Franco Sábato: The back side, who has made two trials in the semi-finals, watched the game from Dubai, where Los Pumas 7 will start with the World Tour on Friday. Likewise, the surname went to the final in court: Luca, with 20 wins, was tried for the tournament, recovered from the injury in record time and played CASI.

Díaz Luzzi was the shape of the game.

Graduates will be dawn after the party last night with drunk wine and crazy excitement. Misfortune ended. Cup, medal and word champion is no longer difficult, at least until the November of 2019 will be nicknames. Health, champ.

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