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Tomb Raider Shadow PS4, Xbox One and PC already have a demo


I've been playing Tomb Raider from # 1 on psx, and there's one thing I don't understand about people who claim that Tomb Raider is um back to the first Tomb or less 39 unknown Tomb. Maybe I've been lost or mistaken for the concept presented by Tomb Raider games all my life, but from my point of view this last installment is a wish and I can't go on and remind me. old Tomb Raider. For me, this game offers more shadows than lights and explains why:

I don't understand how NPCs are like NPCs and a lot of secondary shame and sad how cunning they are (the most animating psimas) and ın almost pasillero ider is a game like the Tomb Raider. ; s are very successful and improved. Many people take you completely out of the story and eliminate the credibility of the environment and the environment.

The animations are back and this is a bit worse than the previous two games of triloga. The animations of this Tomb Raider's Lara, I noticed them far below the Ascension, and some of them changed what they changed, even if they had healed them (I hate when I read a document, refusing to hate when the treasure or monolith is read. Gollum looks, I don't know, they can increase it and prevent me from doing this when you cancel these things. And not only the animations, but also the control of Lara, I noticed this is more coarse, less fluid, more precise. When the game is too heavy in the jumps you press on the square to use the ice ax, there are many moments in the game. Yes, in this installment it is true that the jumps are less distorted and now require more precision, ignition and control, but I see that Lara is more uncomfortable than the previous two.

Date: This is a very very very very, very loose, three of the three of me I have presented with reboot, and the heaviest one. See if Rise is a little smoked, but it's completely wasted from my point of view. They sold me this triloga as a reboot of Lara Croft, how it should be and how it will be, and it will be the Tomb Raider, the entire transformation of Lara, its journey, maturity, and so on. We'll see. And I never saw anything. And this is the epic, the summit, the great, and we all have to show us Lara, we must give us a kick to the egg and the nanai. They offer us more than Rise, at some "stupid" moments, where Lara always lacks motivation and even Lara comes to see them all the time, following her instinct. They want to sell us a more natural Lara Croft, but this is not the case. They didn't take advantage of the ideas they offered with triloga, and everything went much less than that.

And yes, I was very disappointed with how the trilogy took these three games and how they treated Lara's character. And no, I've never seen that more Tomb Raider or return to the first one, because they added more graves (this is very nice, too much challenge, but very repetitive and almost no incentive). I don't know if I played the other Tomb Raider, but for me, the Tomb Raider just doesn't summarize in the tombs and I'll explain:

For me, Tomb Raider has always been a mix of platforms, "action" (put in the quote and explain why now), puzzles and discovery. What do you mean by movement? So it's very simple, how many of us to get away and enemies, jaguars, leopards, etc ları How many of us did not enjoy taking the eagle of the desert? In the last Expressions, even two scorpions are slaughtered.
Tomb Raider has always been a part of action and shooting (the blessing of having all weapons in TR II, III and IV), killing Pier and Larson, confronting Seth, chasing motorcycles in the latest revelation, taking telescope vision It was part of the fun of Tomb Raider. Lara in the skin in TR III and V was orgsmic with MP5. And what did you do? They just took off their emblem guns and they didn't even come back with the closing of this new triloga (two guns are Lara's identity) but we also changed them for two ice axes and a bow, but we put a bow sauce for everything in every game I've hated it since it looks like hunger. They turned our current Lara into a Katniss initiative in the white label hunger games.

Subsequently, vehicles loaded and part of the essence of Tomb Raider, the boat in TR II, quad III. TR III, motorcycle and nothing in this new epic. , 0 vehicles. Am I the only one who likes to go to area 51 with the quartet? Did they even return to Lara?

Evil and bosses. To have references like GOD, Von Croy, Seth, Natla and not to give us a boss under the circumstances of these three games. I laugh at the three. Even the V V headless horseman overcomes the koy so-called bad guys "that they are trying to put in us right now. Destroy the summit (Fight against Seth in the Pyramid, arms, facing the T-Rex, etc.).

This is just as sad as the reboot is wasted, but in a hit as above, the most characteristic things of the epic are eliminated. And yes, every time I can't help feeling like a kick in my belly, it's that the Shadow of the Shadow Raider is misunderstood, because it's the closest thing to anarchists. I'm sorry, but I'm not taking this discussion. Even the Angel of Darkness was more revolutionary in experimenting with a darker and more adult story, and still more Tomb Raider than all of this trilog. They had a great chance to explain the De Lara transformation, get close to the character and see how we all know as the Tomb Raider, and finally see a white sign out of Nathan Drake. …

I feel the text blow, but I was very frustrated and disappointed with this course because I needed to ventilate xD and I liked both the first and the Rise I "," but I am sorry with this shadow, remove it and let me have an oyster.

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