Friday , December 3 2021

Tino Costa, the hero of the surgeon: "Target liberation"


San martn tucumano wins a historic victory by winning 3 to 2 a classic AtlticoIt was similar to the size of Ricardo Zielinski in a match of the Argentine Superliga. The local had had two advantages, but the visitor turned around and moved her party to La Ciudadela.

And the hero of the night was "Tino" Costa, who scored the third goal in ST & # 39; s: "This is a great happiness, we have won a great encounter in a very difficult space, this team shows his face, the goal is salvation, we have come with different realities as teams, but we have entered and got in the head to win.".

Beyond the glorious victory, getting three points made Surgeon 's debut in the fall zone 14 for the first time: "We are looking for it, we have a goal, we have it, it's a struggle all year round, but to throw a goal in a class, in this way I was waiting for this game in the first episode, and that victory, it only makes me happy and happy".

The 33-year-old midfielder's joy was also reflected in a rematch in Argentine football: "In San Lorenzo they don't give me a chance to play games, and they give me confidence, and when a player is given confidence, he changes his head, and I think I'm doing it right, I thank a lot of people, ma'am, my son and my friends, I show them I can play Argentine football.".

"Because I was happy, I enjoyed a wonderful class away from violence, and I helped the incredible and historic victory! Vamos San Martn"A few hours later, he's still one of Walter Coyette's soaring teams who can't hide his happiness.

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